Hi. I joined here because I will be wearing my baby after s/he is born
in March. Also, I am disabled and have Cerebral Palsy, so wearing my
baby is the only way I will be able to carry them. I am trying to find the best carrier for my situation. I use a walker, and can't deal
with reaching behind my back to tie anything. Someone in another
community on a different website suggested the Beco Butterfly carrier.
What do you think of this carrier if you have it? Is it good to use
with a newborn? attachedtobaby.com says that the Beco Butterfly is good
for newborn-toddler age.

I do not plan on buying a carrier in a store. I plan on ordering online from http://www.attachedtobaby.com since they have so much selection.

Thank you

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I would suggest a ring sling. They are pretty easy to use and really easy to adjust. They are also great for newborns. A beco or other similar carrier may take some reaching in order to tighten it up once you get it on and if you wear the baby on your front (which I would do with a newborn) you have to reach up high behind your back to clip it so it doesn't slip off of your arms. Do you have anywhere local that you can try any on with a baby doll so that you can see what is easy for you to use? I love wraps for newborns, but they will probably be harder for you to use with limited mobility. You might also consider a pouch carrier, but be sure that it fits you correctly, which is hard to do if you order it online.
Thanks :) I think target sells some ring slings and pouches. I thought about the fact that a ring sling may be best especially with a newborn.
well, looks like target has Peanut Shell pouches, but not ring slings. I guess I could always go try on a pouch carrier, and see how I like it. If all else fails, I may just order a ring sling online. I think I may go with the Ellaroo, as I have looked into that one for a while now.



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