Does anyone have a great recommendation on a carrier that can be worn in the water? like the pool or ocean.


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awesome! now i can't decide i prefer my wraps cause they distribute weight well but the sling looked pretty cool to. what a great site, thanks!

Jenn George said:
I don't have a water proof carrier, my son doesn't like the lake much, and will only go in the bath and pool by himself. But I was thinking about getting one with my next babe. Here is a website that I love for carriers and has some water proof ones. Hope this helps.
I made my own pouch sling out of solarweave fabric. It is great in the pool! You just have to make sure that you have a really good fit. And the pool needs to be only a little about your waist!
I made my own wrap out of a mesh-type polyester fabric (the kind you find in sportswear-like jerseys). It comes in several colors ( I went with white) and has just enough strech, like the Moby. I was only $5 per yard & I had enough to make 2 wraps.

I use it in the pool & shower & love it!

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