Any suggestions from co-sleeping mothers on getting the baby to nap? She'll let me put her down at night in our bed at 8 and usually sleeps till I go to bed around 10:30. During the day however, she wont sleep unless I'm right next to her with the boob in the mouth. The minute I try to slip out she is awake.

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For the first 3 months, my daughter would not sleep unless we were holding her. But we would just keep trying periodically (every 3-4 weeks) to lay her down or sneak away once she was asleep for naps. We tried laying her down (which seemed to startle her), sidelying and sneaking away, and laying her on her stomach. Between 3-4 months, she would sleep without us for short periods and then longer and longer.

Something you could try is to slowly remove your nimple but still stay in bed and then slowly add in the sneaking away. At night I would flip her via my chest from one side ot the next to side nurse (once she was able to) and not all that gently. For whatever reason, if I delicately laid her down she would pop right up but if I laid down with her on my chest and dumped her to the side, she would stay asleep. I think she was jsut use to it and that helped her sleep. I would nurse her walking around until my nimple fell out of her mouth and then would put her on my shoulder and laid down and then dump after a minute or so. That did the trick.

Sometimes us co-sleeping mom's just need a little break from the kiddos. I know it's really hard but they eventually can nap without you. I hope this was helpful for you.



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