I always love picture threads, so feel free to share a picture. It can be of you and your kids, just your kids, maybe your maternity picture...whatever! Tell us what the picture is and who it's of and let's have fun getting to know each other!

Rule: Must be appropriate (tasteful and follow any site rules)
Please add one interesting fact about yourself when you post your pic, for fun!!

This is a picture I took of my son's hand in mine...

Dont let go...

Interesting fact/quirk: I am a backpack wearing, minivan driving, do-it-all mom to three...what's interesting about this? I swore no less than 5 years ago that'd never be me!!

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This is my 3 yer old with one of the calves we had born this year.

Interesting fact about me: I can make butter, jams, jellies, pickle anything.. and milk a cow by hand.
Love these ladies! Thanks for sharing!

We have some awesome mamas here!



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