Hello ladies I havnt been online much and Im in dire need of an intellectual discussion. So my discussion starter will be Obamas health care bill. How do you think this bill will effect maternity care, Im caught fifty fifty about wether it will be benaficial or not. On a pessamistic note it could make hospitals create new protocol to curb the risk of legal suits or on a optimistic view maybe America will adopt familiar maternity care like what they have in the netherlands and the midwife will rise to low risk woman at little to no cost at all. What do you all think? What would you like to see? What would rise awareness to how benificial natural childbirth is and in these tough econimic times how much it will cost our goverment less then paying for high risk intervention? Please I would love to hear from everybody and feel free to post all your honest opinions of this topic.


Peace on Earth Starts With Birth



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Whos excited about the buisness of being born 2!!!!!!

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