There are many confident women who say they are simply too afraid of the pain to have a natural birth.

But here’s the secret about that pain of childbirth that nobody tells you.
You may never have thought of this way: the pain of labor and childbirth is the only physical pain you will feel in your life that is not associated with something being wrong with your body. You are not hurt. You are not injured. It is the only constructive pain you will ever feel in your life.

I'm not trying to say that it was easy.
It was definitely the strongest, most intense pain I have ever felt. But I can tell you, like many women before me have said and many more to come are bound to say, the pain was worth every minute of it for the result.

The rewards of having a drug free labor and delivery are life-long lasting.
There was a moment during some of the hardest contractions that I had, (and I don't even really remember this, but my doula told me of it later) when my doula asked me, "aren't you glad you are feeling this?" And I said, "yes," in the midst of it all. It was true! I was so glad that I was 100% PRESENT during the experience of my labor and childbirth. I felt everything.

Natural childbirth is truly an empowering journey that you will never forget. You will come out feeling stronger than ever, the experience instilling in you a quiet confidence that will continue to build over time.

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I was afraid, even before I was pregnant. Even before we were thinking about kids, I knew it was looming on the horizon. My DH said, "well, it's how everyone gets here," and I'm like "yeah, but it's going to HURT." Thank goodness pregnancy is nine months. I came to a point, after gaining more and more education on my anatomy and the birth process, that I came to accept the idea of pain, and I started looking at is as a means to an end.
So now, when people say, "Omigosh you did that without drugs?" I say, "Yeah. And it really wasn't that bad. I mean, it hurt but the end was so worth it." Which is all true. But each woman has to come to terms with the pain on her own and how to deal. But if I can help give a new perspective then I am happy.
I always thought of myself as a BIG WIMP, especially when it came to pain. But I was 100% determined to have a non-medicated birth, which I did 3 months ago at home. It really is an incredible, miraculous experience I was SO glad I was conscious for, and I DO feel a little bad for women (most women I know) who did it with drugs. For me, it wasn't just the birth of my baby, but the rebirth of my self-identity in a HUGE way! How can I describe it? It's strange but the moment people can finally call you brave, you no longer CARE whether they do or not! I remember walking around 3 weeks afterwards feeling like Superwoman and thinking 'This is what every woman and baby deserve!' I just knew in my heart. I imagine other pregnant women feeling the fear I once felt. And I want to tell them we are all much stronger than we can ever imagine in our tiny minds. I really feel like it's necessary to learn to 'surrender' to the pain, to nature, etc and pass into a new consciousness, into a new maturity to be a parent. It's just amazing.
Hi all! I'm a massage therapist who is about to start on a new business which will include pregnancy, postpartum, and labor massage--the main benefit of the last is to help decrease or eliminate the need for pain medication during birth. Labor massage isn't widely known and used (outside of some basic strokes doulas are sometimes taught), so I'm still trying to decide what it will be like. If some of you--especially experienced moms--could answer the following questions, I would really appreciate it! You can email them to if you prefer to do that instead of posting here. Thank you!

1. What questions do you have about the benefits and risks of labor massage? Any other questions?
2. At what stage would you want a massage therapist to attend your labor?
3. How long do you think you would want a massage therapist to attend your labor?
4. How much would you be willing to pay per hour of service?
5. Would you be most likely to use a labor massage therapist in the hospital, home birth, or birth center?
6. Would you be comfortable with a stranger massaging you during labor, or would you want to interview them or get a pregnancy massage before labor?
7. Would you also be interested in postpartum massage, with or without Cesarean scar management?

P.S. I also have taken the DONA doula training and childbirth education course, and have done the required reading, though I have not been certified--so besides massage therapy I can also provide some labor support.



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