I thought it would be a great idea if we could have a list of questions and answers for those thinking of becoming a doula, or just starting out.
We could all list our own questions we have for others to answer.
Someone else may have thought of the same question as you.

I would really love to become a doula, but I have some concerns and I have to admit they are selfish.
I guess I wonder about clients who have those 24 hour births and what I would do with my girls.
I don't know if I'm ready to be away from them for that long.
Do some clients let you bring your children for a short amount of time?

How long did it take you to become certified? And through who?

That's all I can think of for now.

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I work four days a week, 8 hour shifts (swing) and sometimes more than that if someone calls in sick or has asked for a day off. I have super amazing employers and co-workers who are more than willing to work with me as I obtain my certification and even afterward as I am building my business, and any classes I plan on taking at the local midwifery college. They only ask that I let make them aware of when I go on call, and keep me posted if I feel that I am going to be needed at a birth on one of the days I work. This allows them to arrange for someone to come in and replace me if I need to leave while working my shift. If I am working at the time I am called, I am normally at a birth within two hours of being called by the mom. So far, there have been no problems and I have been able to make it to every birth (four so far). I am so blessed! that this has worked out because I really love being a doula, but as of yet there isn't really any money in it, which is fine since I have a job at the same time. My employers are hindus (which I think has something to do with why they are so easy going) and I am so grateful for them. They are also very understanding of my religion and give me time off to observe the High Holy Days, and Shabbat/Sabbath (I am Jewish). I am sooo grateful to my G-d who has blessed me with a job that provides income, pays my bills and is flexible enough that I can still be a doula. I prayed and prayed and He supplied! Oh, I work at a hotel.

While it was hard for me to get clients at first because of my lack of experience, both hands on and personal (I have not yet had children with my husband of five years, it just hasn't happened yet, but we are trying!!!! Maybe this coming year! I am always hopeful!), it has been getting easier, and I have two more upcoming births and hopefully will be getting a few more interviews which pan out. I always tell people during interviews that I have a job and explain to them that it should not interfere with me being at their birth, and why.

I am still not certified, but hopefully I will be after the next two births (they can't be cesarean). I am getting certified through Birthingway Midwifery (www.birthingway.edu).



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