Hi my name is Samantha Harris and i just started to become a doula, as well i am in school to become a  nurse midwife as well. I just wonted to ask all you ladies about your road to become a doula and how that was for you and how long did it take. On the DONA web site it give you 4 years to complete the process. I also wonted to ask does it really take that long? I just starting out and still figuring out this all so any input is greatly appreciated . I just thought it would be nice to read all the different ways you all became doulas and the different things that you came across in the process. 
Samantha Harris

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im looking into being a doula too and there are other places to get certified other then DONA

http://www.childbirthinternational.com/booking/product.php?id=134&a... - Buy 3 courses&category_id=12&product_name=Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula and Breastfeeding Counselor

this is a link to the coarses i was interested in purchising you can browse around and look at the plain doula one or the post partum doula one there a little pricey but you dont have to attend to a seminar
Thanks i looked around a bit but found this one and i like it pretty good beside the fact that it say something along the lines of taking 4 years, LOL. I will go look thanks=-)) I also liked that they had you do the breast feeding and educator stuff all together.
Samantha, what course did you find that you like? I am thinking about looking into becoming a doula too and any help would be appreciated =)

I found that there are different places online that will certify you as a doula but some of the programs i just didnt like the way that they where set up and i am some one that if i am going to do something i going to do it all the way and comment myself to it.
I really like the DONA program, it seems to me vary well put together and it has thing put together that some place make you pay extra for. So that was a big thing for me. If you go to the DONA International web site they have all kinds of info and FAQs on there. They also have a list of all the steps that you need to take to become a doula with them and how much it will coast for each step. It has info for both birth doulas and postpartum doulas and how to become a birth trainer as well. Its a great web site i would start out by checking them out.
I hope that i was able to help=-))
I know it can be to much when you are just starting out and dont know where to start.



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