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Last year I started working towards my birth doula certification through DONA. I have taken a childbirth education course, breastfeeding course, and doula course with a DONA instructor. I have also read the required books, but I need to re-read them because it's been awhile. Clearly the main requirement left is to attend 3 births as a doula. I also have to write the essay, the resource sheet, etc. 


I haven't completed it yet because now I'm in Spain. I did a little research and discovered there are plenty of doulas and midwives here, but I haven't attempted to find clients or anything for the 3 births for various reasons (I work all the time, don't have a car, etc.). I was planning on moving back to the US in the summer or fall and doing it then. But it turns out that now I'm moving to a small town in Austria in August or September and I'm going to be there for a year. Have any of you completed your certification while abroad? It is even allowed? Any advice? In Austria I'm not going to have a car, either, but I will have a more flexible schedule maybe. What do you think?





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The number of doulas who have completed their certification abroad from their home country are too numerous to count, myself included. The key is to find clients that you can support given your personal constraints. Many European countries have their own doula organizations. They can be a big help in finding the support you need to complete your certification.


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