I have a mom to be that was given an EDD of 2-17-2010 and just last month the EDD changed to 1-17-2010 and I just talked to the mom to be and she told me they are talking about induction 12-20-2009. Why would they do this? I am just a little concerned that given the first EDD that this baby maybe premature. When I first talked to her back in Oct. with an EDD of Feb. they were telling her that the baby would be 11lbs. and that she would need a c-section.
I am not sure if this is related or not but I do work with state insured moms and I have ran into the dr saying you need a c-section because of size of baby more so than moms with private insurance.

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I would wonder :
Is there some sort of medical issue that the mom may not be telling you about other then the possibility that she will have a "large" baby?

Why exactly did they change her due date by an entire month? Did she have an ultrasound that changed the due date?

Also, if she really doesn't want to be induced they can not force her to show up to the hospital. You could advise her of that and ultimately she has to make the decision about whether to listen to the doctors or not. It's definitely hard when doctors are saying things that don't make much sense to us, and we have to be careful what we say to the mother.
ultrasounds can be tricky.. they are more accurate for predicting due dates when done early in the pregnancy.. not 3rd trimester. it sounds like there is a bit of information that is being left out. what # baby is this for her? does she have gestational diabetes? is the baby LGA or have IUGR? does she have poly or oligo? insurance or no insurance.. i would like to believe that her team of Dr's would have her/the baby's best interest at heart..
if she is unsure why they would like to induce her.. she should talk with her Dr and get informed..



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