I'm almost finished getting certified though DONA and I have my first birth coming up early next month. I was wondering kind of shoes other doulas are wearing during delivery. Maybe an odd question, but since their can be a "dryness" issue and the ability to sanitize I'm not sure how many options I have.

Currently I'm thinking the crocs with no holes in the top.

Looking forward to your input and experience!

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I wear tennis shoes that are easy to get on/off. I have never put much thought into my shoe wear other than to make sure my feet are covered.
I really recommend Vivo Barefoot shoes to everyone--they allow you to walk just like you would if you were barefoot--almost all shoes interfere with your natural gait. They're really comfy and I've stood for hours in them for massage therapy. You can get memory foam inserts by shoe size if you want a little extra cushion. They also come in boots. I love both my boots and my sandals.

They're a little pricey, but they're made of vegan leather and recycled materials and I haven't had a problem with either pair yet.

I've worn tennis shoes, Dansko, Ahnu, Birkenstock. I favor something that I know I can stand in, supports my foot, and is comfortable. I prefer shoes I don't have to tie, so I am less likely to wear tennis shoes. I disliked my last pair of Birkenstocks, not for anything about the fit, but rather, they looked too "nurse-y". I don't wear scrubs and prefer, personally, to not look like hospital staff. I would like to go back to Danskos. They were my favorites-- good for standing, easily slipped on and off, and I liked the how they looked. hope that helps!
Thanks guys. I look in to the suggestions. I didn't think about footwear much until someone commented to me on it, and the wheels started to turn...
Of the births that I have attend, I've worn shoes that are comfortable. I've worn crocs, keens, honestly whatever is comfortable standing in the same position for a period of time (ie second stage pushing). It seems that during these times the woman needs lots of support and there aren't many opportunities to step away as you are rolling with her with each contraction. How exciting your first birth! My best advice, especially for your first, is to really focus on being a neutral, grounded, confident source of energy for the couple. Don't allow yourself to caught up in any drama that may arise with the intensity laboring can bring at times. Empathy is key , but getting pulled into it will only exhaust you and make it yours (which none of them are:)) You will find your own rhythm as a doula as you continue the work. Best of luck!
Hi Kate,

I am a doula now, but was an L & D nurse and I tried tennis shoes but ended up most comfortable with Dansko clogs. I don't love the fact that they're not washable, but I just keep them separate from everything else, and wear them almost exclusively for birth. My concern about the clean-ability isn't the messiness of birth (though that can be a factor), but the dirtiness of hospitals! I have considered the crocs without holes too, because they can be sanitized. I'll be curious if you get those to hear how you like them!

Best of luck with your first birth!

I'm a labor nurse as well and love my Danskos. I always have my designated "birth" shoes. I keep them in the hospital. If I do births in other places, I will usually wear sneakers and just wash em. I do always bring an extra though.
Crocs are good but your feet can get real sweaty. Just wear sneakers that you can throw in the washer and/or get some shoe covers! :)
I just got a pair of the Mary Jane style Crocs and wore them to a birth last week. They were very comfortable. I slid them off into a plastic bag when I left the hospital and washed them with bleach when I got home. Oh, and I wear mine with socks - that takes care of any sweat issues. (-:
I got the Crocs with no holes and the special sole for minimal slippage. I think they were money well spent. Comfortable and easy to deal with.



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