I know alot of doulas with a sliding scale fee. How do you determine what to charge your clients by their income? Do you just charge what seems fair or do you have an actual chart where you decided to charge X amount of dollars per X amount of income? I am trying to figure out a more formal structure to my fees and would welcome suggestions!!! Thanks ladies.

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I think the intention of a sliding scale is so that the client can determine what they are able to pay within your provided range. I've seen $700-$1100 and the average seems to be around $800-$850 (Central TX).
Some have charts, some do just a range, and some do ranges based on how much time is spent at the labor, birth, and immediately postpartum.

In this economy, services that have the "pay-what-you-think-it's-worth" model without the range seem to be doing well--not as well as if they were charging their full fees, but they tend to have a greater quantity of clients, and usually make out better overall.
Well I have seen it done several different ways that is why I posted on here. I know doulas who go by your take home salary per year, those who say, "What can you afford?", and those who just make a personal judgement on your situation and quote a price. Then there are those who are sticklers for their price no matter your situation. I was curious to see what different ways people implemented the sliding scale fee so I could weigh all my options before I chose one.
I have a basic fee, though I let the mama know that if it's not within her reach, then I can do a reduced fee or payment plan.
I offer a sliding scale, and mention that I have one. the range is $600-1050 and they decide what they want to pay. Usually, they say $800.
I use a sliding scale - I tell the client the range of my scale and tell them to decide how they value the service and what they can afford and tell ME what the rate is. It works great.
This is an interesting thread. Can I jump in and ask a related question? When you decided on your fees did you increase it as you gained experience, or did you pick a range and stick with it?
need advice, ladies.. i have a potential client.. a great friend's family member, whom i have known for years. they asked me to be at their birth, but we never discussed payment, and i feel awkward bringing it up, since they know i will attend my friend's birth, as well.. (they got preg together).. yet since she is one of my best friends, i will not be charging her.. obviously.
so.. i am an RN with over a decade of L and D experience.. i am a CD.. i will be doing a private class for both couples.. and now i am left with the awkwardness of bringing up the topic of payment.
i dont even know how much to request?! i figure a slide of sorts, give them a ballpark.. and let them decide.. but how do i bring it up?
any advice is appreciated..



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