Hi all,
I am looking for some ideas and support as I work with vbac clients. I have been a birth doula for 15 years and find that the current climate in our community (in south central Indiana-- a generally ok place to have a baby) is becoming more and more closed to vbac.

Here's the deal:
-- fewer doctors are supporting vbac
-- there are limited number of midwives: we are a state that doesn't license CPMs, so even though there are excellent CPMs in the area, some folks are not comfortable making that choice, and the few CNMs in the area either work in hospital with unsupportive docs or are far away and not really much of an option

I am trying to open dialog with one of the OBs that I have known for years, but I'm not getting anywhere in even getting to talk with her, let alone discuss this issue.

I'm feeling discouraged and worry about communicating that to my clients. I've got one vbac client for November and another in January.

so I guess I am asking less for practical ideas than I am for support and encouragement!

thanks in advance!

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Have you been in touch with your nearest ICAN Chapter? http://ican-online.org
There is bound to be one that covers your area and they should have plenty of support and encouragement for you :)
Thanks, Tina. That is a good suggestion-- the closest one that I am aware of is two hours away. But I'll check on the ICAN website.
Yay that you are wanting to take this on! I have attended 4 births, 2 of which were successful VBACs. I think that something that OBs should take into consideration is the circumstances of the c-section and that a mother should have choices when it comes to a major surgery. I think because OBs do c-sections so much, they are used to that being the normal thing to do and can't get out of the mindset of VBACs being unnecessary. I think it's great that you are supporting mothers in their birth/VBAC journey, and hopefully when more mothers tell their OBs that they want a VBAC, the more open they'll be to it.
Thank you so much for the encouraging words, Katrina! I guess I am wanting something a little more specific to the challenge of being the doula who has to encourage the woman planning a vbac. And offering that support while knowing how the deck is now stacked against the success of that vbac. I have run a cesarean birth/vbac support group off and on for years. I don't remember ever feeling this defeated before-- women are calling our office and asking about vbac and I feel my discouragement coming through.

Anyone else feeling this? if so what do you do with those feelings? Has anyone seen an improvement in vbac rates in their community. just knowing that would make me feel better....



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