Many of you have heard over these past months the news in regard to ALACE closing their doors. I believe there is still some misunderstandings as to what has transpired so I wanted to give a bit of insight into it's status and what it means to anyone who has or wants to go through the doula training with ALACE.
ALACE had both a Childbirth Ed program as well as a Labor Ass't/Doula training. A decision was made in order that there could be continued growth and health in those programs, that two separate organizations would be created. In essence; ALACE was the parent ... CBE and LAT the children ... time to leave home and start out on their own.
I was the Director of the Labor Assistant Training and Certification program and did the majority of teaching throughout the country of the workshops so with confidence and certainly an equal amount of faith, I created toLabor: The Organization of Labor Assistants for Birth Options & Resources The same incredible program (which I helped to recreate) is intact and getting better, it is basically a name change and the ability for new growth. If you were trained as a doula through ALACE, everything transferred to toLabor. Anyone wanting to check in can do so by emailing
There are workshops scheduled for October in San Francisco and Chicago. November in Boston and Albuquerque. January in Richmond VA. February in Santa Monica/W LA , etc. Check out the website calender for updates and more information.
I am dedicated to this work. I am mother first and foremost and with that I am an educator, advocate and activist for babies, women and their families.
I appreciate all of you doing this work no matter how you came to it or though whatever organization.
We need to unify and support one another in a time when the issue of our humanity and how we embrace the new beings coming into this world is at stake.
Be well and thanks Thérèse Hak-Kuhn

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