My ultimate goal is to become homebirth midwife. I think becoming a doula is a great way for me to ease into it, and would be best for my family right now.

I'm not too impressed with DONA right now. I emailed them for exact cost, and got a bunch of check these links, which I was already doing.

So what program did you go through?

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I am going through Childbirth International which I love! The cost is clear cut, the studies are nicely paced and their is a great online community and help through mentors! is the link. Definitely give it a look and tell me what you think!
Where do you live? There is a great program in Portland that I am going through at Birthingway College of Midwifery.
I am certified through ICEA. I have certification as an educator and doula.
International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) has worked very well for me. Google ICEA and see if you like the mission and philosophy. ( Excellent program, professional support, and follow up for recertification.
Plan to attend the Mega Conference, ICEA and Lamaze in Sept. Get the required hours and take the doula workshop and network with great people. This is ICEA and Lamaze 50th anniversary. Keep on !!!!!!
I wanted to add that I too like ICEA, but I'm doing my CBE training through ICEA. I personally, didn't think that ICEA was a right fit for me for the Doula program so that is why I looked elsewhere when I decided to become a doula. And like I said before, I really ended up liking Childbirth International.
I actually went through a local class, and certification program called Birth Mama here in Missoula MT. They mirrored the requirements of DONA, you just don't hold that title. I think it all depends on what feels right for you, and depending on where you live, and the expectations/requirements that people are looking for. I know in bigger cities some people prefer the more well known credentials like DONA or the like, but i find that in the end the clients choose you for what YOU offer as an individual. I personally don't feel the need to be defined by the organization I am associated with. I feel its all about what you bring for information, education, professionalism, and support for your clients is whats important in the end. Good luck in you journey into the birthing world. No matter what, your doing an amazing thing for the people of your community by wanting to protect & support the sacred experience of birth!
Thanks for all of the responses. Some of the programs I already had bookmarked, but didn't have the chance to really look at it yet. I can't wait to pick one, and finally get started. Even if it takes me a few mote months.
I went through DONA and really liked it. The cost is based on how you do it really. You have to attend the DONA work shop, but you have the option of doing just the workshop or the workshop with the childbirth class included so that changes the price. If you take just the class you may or may not be allowed to take your childbirth and breastfeeding classes for free, it all depends on your area and who you go through. I got mine for free through the hospital in my town. After that you have to pay for your books and membership fees, plus the training packet. I did mine almost 3 years ago so I'm not too sure what the costs are now. That being said I am doing CBE through ICEA.
I am doing DONA. I think they don't give an exact price because it depends on your childbirth education class, doula class, etc. I am doing it as cheaply as possible. For example, I am getting all the required reading from the library, and a local birth center is letting me observe a childbirth education class for free.
I'm doing the same as you! Most of the required reading is at my library.
I loved the training I received from Childbirth International. I feel like I learned more from their curriculum, and the communication assignments were amazing to help me break out of my shell and become truly mother-oriented. I also really liked that the cost was clear cut, I didn't have to attend a workshop for extra money, and the certification is for life so I don't have to spend more money every year just to keep it up. I also loved that I became part of a GLOBAL community which requires no membership fees. I would recommend Childbirth International to anyone!
I have started yet since I'm getting my BS in MCH and becoming an IBCLC but so far I've liked DONA. I think they don't tell you the exact cost because it's up to you how to do it. If you you look at the time line for the Birth Doula you can questimate how much you would be spending. I'm sure you've been to this page but here is the time line:

I am going to check out ICEA and child birth international too.



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