I'm still in the midst of putting together my Doula Bag. I was wondering what other Doulas have in their bags. I'm always looking for things to help my clients!

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I am just starting my doula training so these comments are very useful for noobs :-) keep em commin'
Trick I learned from a chiropractor - tape 2 tennis balls together with duck tape or gorilla tape. As long as the mom is able to stand up right you can put the balls between her and the wall and she can move up & down for massage & counter pressure. The tennis balls end up on either side of the spine. I learned about it for people in general but have discovered it works well for labor.

I've heard of a rebozo before but I really don't know anything about them. What is a rebozo, and how do you make it?


AmyE said:
I don't carry many "tools" for the birth, mostly just what I need for me in case the birth is long. I did make a Rebozo out of a throw blanket at a birth last year. I had never used one. The birth seemed too intense too early and then stayed that way for hours with a third baby. I got the mom on all fours and used the Rebozo to support her stomach in between contractions for about 3 contractions. Then everything changed and it was time to go to the hospital. The baby was born about an hour after that. I'm thinking about getting a Rebozo since the hospital sheets might not work as well as a soft throw blanket did.

Mom to 3
i have my couples bring a focal point, pillows and music they like..
i always have the following..
my personal pocketbook for my personal things..
in my "client" bag i keep.. 3 different tensions of stress balls, buddha beads, a moonstone wand, lavender homeopathic spray, neroli oil, a microwavable heat pack, a wooden massager, tennis balls in a sock, a cold gel pack, a base oil, unscented massage lotion, lollipops wrapped in hair bands, lemonade recharge, protein bars and trail mix, gum and mints, lip balm, sleep balm, and a bandana..
Cherylyn Douglas said:
I've heard of a rebozo before but I really don't know anything about them. What is a rebozo, and how do you make it?

You can learn more about rebozo's here: http://www.rebozoway.org/

oddly enough, I carry all this stuff and rarely use it... better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. It's all kept in a small rolling suit case in the back of my car

deflated birth ball and hand pump (i prefer to use the hospitals, but carry it incase it's not available or punctured, learned the hard way)
rice sock
CD of hypnobirthing scripts, cd of relaxing music and cd of african drums (encourage my moms to bring their own however)
lavender oil (w/plastic bags and cotton balls)
spearment gum
emergen-c packets (for clients AND me)
lavender oil
orange scented lotion
almond massage oil
lip balm (I tell clients to bring their own though)
2 massage toys
tennis ball
lemon head drops or preggie pops
bio-freeze and bengay
pen & paper
labor progress handbook
protein bars
hair ties

sounds like i'd need a huge bag, but everything is small, except the deflated ball and hand pump.
My doula bag is currently packed and ready for an upcoming birth. I bring about 4 bottles of water, 1 bottle of juice, 2 power bars for me, Naturopathic energy drink powders for Mom, rice socks, a garden kneeling pad, inflatable pillows for the tub, battery operated votives, chapstick, elastic bands, massage tools, CD player and relaxation CD's........., massage oils both scented and unscented, lavender oil, ( a change of underwear, pantiliners, clean shirt, deo. toothpaste for me) I also bring plenty of change for the coffeeshop for Dad to pick up when he needs a break, an insulated coffee mug. I bring a new pair of spa socks for Mom, my camera, my cell phone and Penny Simkins Labor Companion. I also bring a pink and a blue pashmina. Looks great in pictures of Mom right after baby is born!! My doula bag is on wheels!!
I carry two separate bags - one for Mom & one for me.
In my bag, (The Only Bag, by Baggalini, designed for flight attendants) I carry a complete change of clothes, personal toiletries, a microfibre towel, snacks, water, mints, electro-mix (from the makers of emergen-c), hand sanitizer, gloves, my cell phone, and my camera.

In my doula kit, I carry a LOT of stuff. Much of it can be found in a hospital/room, but it's often quicker to just reach over and grab it from my kit. It is a wheeled suitcase that you could take as carry-on luggage on a plane. I rarely use much out of it, but have also attended births where almost every item came out at some point:

toothbrush, lip balm, mouthwash, hair elastics/hair band, rescue remedy, rosewater, playing cards, sticky notes, pens, sea bands, various massage tools, Tingler, rebozo (a deep purple pashmina), squeeze balls, flashlight, newborn diapers (for baby, to catch leaking fluid, or to fill with ice as a cold pack), chux pads, socks, sleep mask, birth ball and pump, various massage oils & lotions, CD's, mp3 player & tiny portable speaker, waterproof pads (lunablanket) to go over birth ball, small beanbag pillow, suckers & honey sticks, bendy straws spoons, instant re-usable hot packs, plastic bags,
The Birth Partner & The Labour Progress Handbook - Simkin, mirror (in case mom wants to see the birth at the last second), earplugs, tissues, hot water bottle.

I know my heart and hands are the most important things to bring, and I have adjusted what I take to births over the years, but this is the kit that seems to work for me. I like to be prepared. :)
I feel silly saying this but I don't take anything extra anymore. When I was new to the labour support world and for about the first 100 or so births I attended I carried my "labour bag" with me every time I went out. It had a sarong from my closet (that I could use as a MUCH less expensive rebozo), rolling pins, tennis balls, massagers, oil, music, rice socks, snacks, etc. I NEVER used it. I always use my hands and my voice as my most effective tools and so I stopped carrying the others. Perhaps if I needed the tools I used to carry then I would create a substitute wherever I am with my clients but so far that has not been necessary.
Now I just make sure I have water and gum for me.

Hi everyone! (I'm just joining the group and jumping in!)

I have a birth ball (that doesn't always go in the bag, but it counts right?)
A pump for the ball
A garden knee pad kneeler
12 battery operated tea lights for setting a comforting mood
A chux pad I can give mom to put in her car for amnio spillage
A gallon sized zip log bag for upchuckage (used in car)
A-tips dipped in peppermint oil for a pick-me up or nausea
A mixture of citrus essential oil in a bottle for the same
Two kinds of lotion and almond oil for massages
Two ACE combs for gate control and acupressure
Nerf balls for counter pressure
A Rebozo
A herbal heat wrap (with belt for strapping)
A lavender and peppermint rice pack (hand sized)
2 small hand-held fans
A piece of a swim noodle for counter pressure and back massage
A new lip balm for mom
New hair tie-backs for mom
Acupressure handout/booklet (shows the various pressure points for different situations in labor)
Some preggie pops for mom to suck on
Stuff for me:
Luna Bars, beef jerky (or whatever I can throw in at the last minute)
$10 in cash for food, emergency gas, parking or toll roads
Gum and breath mints
tooth brush and toothpaste
contact case and solution
antiperspirant deoderant
My wore in - old faithful shoes for the extra long birth
A pair of yoga pants and extra shirt, bra and socks
pads, and a clean pair of undies
Tylenol and Ibuprophen and Arnica
Anti- Gas and anti-diahreal meds (for tummy nerves) - one of those is Activated Charcoal
Hair brush/hair spray
lip balm
cell phone charger - thrown in at last minute
digital camera - also thrown in at last minute

I carry a notepad in my purse with client names and numbers (Since I teach childbirth classes, I need to have their info handy if I have to cancel a class)
This notepad also has my doula client's birth plan in it
I use this for keeping track of birth events as well

It's not 'light' but these are the things that I have used the most (besides my hands!)
I keep a set of MapQuest directions in there as well. One from my home to client's home and one from their home to hospital - and one that goes directly from my home to their hospital. *can't wait for my Palm Pre with GPS navigation!!*

I have business cards and a brochure in my bag too, should someone ever want one. I also carried doula evaluations in their before my certification.




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