I'm trying to get started on my doula business while in training and was wondering which would be most beneficial to my business....a blog, a website, or both. I'm not very tech savy and would like to be able to update easily.

Any suggestions?

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Well, I am a newbie at the blog world but so far seems to be a "twitter" hit http:www.naturalmomlovesprada.com and I have worked my other website www.emmasheart.com for a few years and not much has happnened.

People like "reality" and "real time" so I would go with a blog. All things you want to have on a website, you can have on a blog!!

Shanta @ Natural Mom Loves Prada (soon to be doula)
I just started a new blog for Bulimia & Eating Disorders, I think it took me 15 minutes.
The easiest way , and the least expensive is to just log into blogger.com and set yourself up.

Here's my link to this new blog, I also have one for baby's and I've included it.


http://kathy-welter-nichols.blogspot.com/ Birth My Way

As you can see, naming your blog is important! The first one I set up , the Birth one, wasn't named very well, because it's under my own name.

The rule of thumb in all this stuff is to keep it so people can figure out what you are .

Like this site, MY BEST BIRTH, says what it is, Riki Lake kept her identity after you click into the subject.

So ask yourself, and then ask your friends : What Am I? What am I doing? What am I offering? What is my subject?

Web sites, Twitter, and Blogs, even Facebook all the social networks, if you keep this in mind, as well as keeping it in mind if you decide to write a book.

Here's one a woman told me she was writing " PAINLESS BIRTH"....but if you look at it, it still talks about PAIN...and that is just another book about the same things we've been reading and hearing about for a very long time.

Birth can have a different experience and does have for many women! Many!

I hope more will come to share this .... hope this helps. Kathy
Thanks so much. I have been looking at different blogsites and was wondering which ones are the best to use. I guess my biggest concern is the ability to modify and change info quickly and easily. I like the idea of a webpage that has all my info and quick links but I'm afraid of having to maintain something that "tech" oriented. I know I could manage a blog but want it to be professional and very user-friendly.

I've also heard that you can make additional income from a blog...how does this work exactly? Is the same true for a website? I guess I have lots of questions but I'm really wanting to get started.

Thanks again for all the info and I invite anyone else to share their thoughts and experiences.

I have a website, blog, facebook and twitter and find no time for any of them...haha... although my website works the best.. I did it myself using a very inexpensive host...
www.thenestingplace.info i am not great at computer stuff..a professional would be nice..tell me what you think..
I use Word Press and while it's a blogging platform, it allows me to have several pages - ones with my contact info, etc that pretty much stay the same, then my front page which is the blog. I think a blog can be a fantastic platform for clients to "get to know you" a bit before they even contact you. Blogging about your passion or your special niche as a doula can help draw clients to you who will most likely be a good fit for your style- whether you have massage therapy skills that you use in labor, are passionate about assisting VBAC moms, multiples, or have a special perspective with which you approach birth - like hypnobabies, Bradley or Lamaze. I am pleased with the response I am getting from having a blog: http://choices-in-childbirth.com
Thanks so much! I love both of those sites. I've been looking into WordPress and Microsoft Live. I don't have much experience building webpages and using code so I'm a bit aprehensive but I know if I just dive in I can figure it out.
I'm a real computer illiterate but managed to see up my website without it costing me a penny - if you have a look at freewebs there's no charge and it really was simple. I had to pay for a domain name but the website itself is free and best of all, I have complete control over what goes on to it. I can add to it, change it, add pictures, everything that a web designer would do for you. And it lets me see the site stats in an instant so i can see how many people have looked at it, how long for, where they come from etc.


Have never even thought about a blog (when would I find the time?!) but as most of my clients have found me via the website it seems to be working quite well. Here in the UK most women look for a doula via either Doula UK or Nurturing Birth, which provides links to our websites if we have them. Do you have a similar system in the States or is it all down to doing your own marketing?
I think there is DoulaMatch.com and DONA list their certified Doulas. We have no doulas or midwives in my area so I will be one of the first. I've looked into Wordpress but I'm still shopping around before I commit. I still need to come up with a name for my business/domain. I'm thinking of

Fleur-de-lis Doula Services with a domain of Fdldoula (if not already taken) or fdldoularuston

The Fleur-de-lis is pretty much the main symbol of Louisiana (as well as the New Orleans Saints). It's French for "flower of the lily." I figure it would garner recognition to offset the fact that no one knows what a doula does.

I figure I can find someone to draw me up a design that depicts the two rounded outsides as a mother and baby with the center depicting the doula. Don't ask me how...LOL.

I love names like "empowered birth" or "better birth" but those are all in use somewhere and I'm not sure how that works with having the same business name as someone else even though they may be in an entirely different part of the country.

I'm going to check out your site. Thanks for the info!



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