Please add any blogs/websites here that you know of that discuss birth/labor. All view points welcome.

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Here's my blogs: I'll add a bigger list of others I know later.
Hello. I wanted to ad my blog at My blog can also be reached through my website at

The other blogs I enjoy are:

Birth Activist ~
The Unnecesarean ~
Sweet Little Bundles ~
The one Kasie listed is my only blog, but I do have a list of others that I follow

Here's one of my recent favorites, by a doula:

This doula hasn't posted on her blog for a while. Maybe she would want to collaborate?:

This one is my doula trainer, also a doula who is planning to become a midwife. She's incredibly busy, but I could ask her if she'd want to be involved:

This one is another doula who has stopped posting on her blog in the past several months:

This is a doula in VA who has turned her birth chat more to facebook than her blog:

This one I just found recently, written by a traditional midwife in UT:
This is not a blog but it is a great website that discuss labor and birth. Has some great resources, references, and articles about Homebirth, Midwifes, and various Interventions.
Pacing the Panic Room-

This blog is just a personal story. He did a maternity series and chronicled the homebirth of his daughter along with the pregnancy.



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