Which books have opened up new concepts of birth? Which were particularly grounded and practical?

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Gentle Birth Choices in another good one
I think that Ina May's Guide definitely opened my eyes to some new things. The concept of "sphincter law" for one, that I can't relax one and tightening another, and that they relax better in the privacy of my own home. Also she had this one line about a woman who compared vaginal birth to pushing an orange out of a nostril, and Ina May said, no, it's nothing like that! A nostril wasn't designed to push out anything more than some snot, a vagina was designed to fit a baby. I loved that. I chanted it in my head during pushing with my second. And you know what, I didn't tear with an 8lb11oz baby, even though I tore with my first who was only 7lb1. Awesome what the mind can effect in the body.



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