Great books about the history of birth and midwifery?

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I find Birth-the surprising history of how we are born, to be a great history of birth and midwifery. Especially when read in conjunction with Pushed or Born in the USA. I like it because it truly reads like a history, not like a soapbox book like the others. While I appreciate the passion and the subject matter of Jennifer Block and Marsden Wagner, it's like a breath of fresh air to read Tina Cassidy's Birth.
Oh, I love that book! I just bought it too. It came in the mail on Monday, and I had finished it by tuesday night. I devoured it. I even read it while I was doing the dishes!
I can't wait to get some of these books! Thanks for all the great recommendations.

I really enjoyed A Midwife's Tale, about a midwife in 18th century Maine, basically frontier area. The book reproduces her journal, interspersed by commentary from Laurel Thacher Ulrich. Midwives were so much more than experts in birth - they were caregivers for many people and ailments in their community. The stories this midwife tells are unbelievable, but she is so matter of fact about her job.
Thanks for the suggestions, I'm going to see if they have any of these at our library. I recommend the book Pushed to anyone I know who is pregnant, I really liked all of the facts.

I enjoyed "Pushed" by Jennifer Block, but it got a little lengthy with the studies constantly cited within the work. My favorites so far are "Birth as an American Rite of Passage" by Robbie E. Davis..brilliant work!! "HypnoBirthing" by Marie F. Morgan, "Baby Catcher" by Peggy Vincent, "The Water Birth Book" by Janet Balaskas, "Gentle Birth Choices" by Barbara Harper


"Spiritual Midwifery" was not my most favorite. The initial stories, which took half the book were good, but trying to read the lingo took it's toll after about 100 pages. Her input as far as tactics and information of birth was great though. I am on an amazon waiting list for her newest book. I have "Birthing from Within" by England Horowitz on my shelf to read as well. I have read more, but those are my favorites. Plenty more to read!

I will need to put the book "birth" on my list. I have a long list, but it continues to get shorter and longer depending on what I find and how fast I read =D




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