Do you feel comfortable nursing in public? Is your community supportive of breastfeeding in public? Are there laws in your state protecting your right to feed your baby wherever you are? Have you seen the International Breastfeeding Symbol posted in public places?

To check your state law, see this map at Mothering Magazines site:

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I've never seen the brestfeeding symbol posted, but I feed my daughter anywhere and everywhere. The only thing that bothers me about public nursing is that I have to be so modest. Emerson grabs and kicks at the cover-up and it would just be easier to feel free without people being offended. I never feel uncomfortable feeding my baby though and I think people are much more accepting of breastfeeding.
If I understand the law correctly you can Breastfeed anywhere and not have to worry about being modest. You don't have to cover up. If the owner or manager asks you to leave because you are being inappropriate you can make a law-suit about discrimination. But that is just what I believe. Not completely sure that works everywhere or not. You will probably want to research what the laws are about it in your area.
yeah, it does depend on state law. until recently in WA state, breastfeeding in public was only excluded from indecent exposure technically a business owner could ask you to leave or go to a bathroom (yuck). Now we have civil rights protection, so if someone discriminates against a mother for breastfeeding her child (i.e. tells her she has to cover up, harasses her, makes her leave the area...) there are consequences.

Some states have laws on the books but no 'enforcement provision' - so there aren't any consequences if the law is violated. Sometimes there is strange language in the law that makes it unclear; like a breastfeeding mother must be 'discreet'
When I nursed my son, I just did it wherever I needed to. I did try to be relatively modest at like restaurants or some where like that. But the summer after he was born, he was about 5 months at the time, we went to a water park and it was so hot and I was wearing a bathing suit anyways so I just popped it out and he went to I just totally didn't care that day. You know some time when your baby is hungry, your boobies hurt and you know there's only one way to fix it all, you just do what you have to do. I was actually very liberating for me!
I breastfeed everywhere and anywhere. I don't use any type of blanket (my son would not like that). I just lift my shirt and feed. I've never had anyone comment except when I was at a friend's house once. My friend kept asking me if I wanted to go to her bedroom to breastfeed. I was like, "no, I'm okay here". :P



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