Hello - My daughter Julia has been breastfeeding wonderfully from day one.  Now for the past couple of weeks she has making lots of noise at the breast and taking in a ton of air when she feeds.  She is three months and otherwise a happy baby.  But just recently she has been crying in pain before she lets out a huge burp.  I'm sure it is related to her latch at the breast but can't seem to reposition her better.  She has also been choking frequently during a feed, I think that my let down is very fast.  Is this worth a trip to a lactation consultant or something she might outgrow?  Any ideas or suggestions?  Thanks, Janelle.

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Hi Janelle,

What kind of noise is she making? A smacking sound or gulping? How many times is she nursing in 24 hours?

What is the color of her poop? Mustard yellow or greenish?

Does she do any better if you are reclined way back and she is lying on top of you tummy to tummy? Sitting her up in your lap facing you may work also.

Does it help if you take her off at your first let-down, let the milk spray out, then put her back on and nurse.

You may find some help at a LLL meeting and if the problem continues, it might be worth seeing a Lactation Consultant. It can be tricky trying to determine whether it is oversupply or overactive let down (or both). If it is just overactive let down, you don't want to reduce milk supply or your baby might not have enough to eat!

Here is an article from LLLI on overactive let down: http://www.llli.org/llleaderweb/LV/LVSepOct95p71.html

and here is some information on oversupply: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/oversupply.html

Thank you Emily - those articles were extremely helpful. While I don't think it is an oversupply issue, I did notice these problems began when I started drinking tea to increase my supply in preparation for returning to work. Julia seems to be coping with it better now and pacing herself. It is definitely better when we feed in a side-lying position. She is still feeding about 10 times a day and having 10 or so wet diapers/ 4 BMs that are a bright yellow color. They have been very watery lately but my MD said this is normal with BF infants. She is growing very fast, weight gain has not been a problem. Thanks for your advice, it was very helpful. We are going to try to make it to a LLL meeting soon to get more advice for returning to work!



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