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when did your baby start eating solids? what were the first foods? favorite foods?

The AAP and World Health Organization recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months. La Leche League International says "about the middle of the first year"

of course there will be a range of 'normal' for each individual baby. Some babies are very obviously ready for solids at 4 months, some aren't interested until 9 months. It is up to us as parents to follow their cues and watch for signs of readiness!

Some of the signs that your baby may be ready for solid foods are:
-sitting up with minimal support
-ability to pick up small bits of food and get them to his/her mouth
-no longer having a 'tongue thrust reflex' - so not pushing food out of his/her mouth
-still hungry after more frequent nursing

you can find more info and articles about starting solids with your breastfed baby at La Leche League's website: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/solids.html

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Is there any suggestions on how long you can go exclusively breastfeeding before introducing solids at all? I'd rather keep breastfeeding until she's around 7 or 8 months because of the ease and convenience. Has anyone ever gone longer than 6 months before starting solids?
On www.kellymom.com the arguments are made for delaying even as far as 9 months...I waited until 7 months until trying to give Aelwynn any solids and that was just sort of novelty of her trying a little bit of banana and avacado. Even now, at 9 months, she gets solids maybe once a day, some days still just breast milk...
I have not personally gone that long, but I have heard of people going as long as 9 months of exclusive breastfeeding. I really think that as long as your baby is growing and developing normally that is what it is all about.
On a little different note, is it so much easier to breastfeed than anything else I think. I just started watching a baby during the week and he is obviously bottle/formula feed. It just reminds me how easy it was to breast feed(no bottles to clean, formula to mix, and that stuff smells bad). So convenient, I would never do it any other way!
So much easier. I don't even like pumping and trying to use bottles. Emerson will not drink from one now whenever we try. But I am perfectly happy being with her 24/7, so no big deal for me. I can't imagine having to take bottles, formula, and all that stuff everywhere. That is why I'd like to postpone solids. Us breastfeeding moms definitely have the advantage even though those non-breastfeeders think they do..haha!
Yep, never even tried to give my youngest a bottle of pumped milk til he was 6 month, I only did it then cause it was my anniversary an we wanted to go a date. He took it after several hours of crying but after that I never offered another, I felt the same as you. I loved being with him so it was no big deal.
That's the way it should be. When other moms give me a hard time about exclusively breastfeeding it makes me wonder how they don't feel the same way I do about being with my baby all the time. I really wouldn't want it any other way. Did you ever run into people criticizing you for not bottle feeding or not going anywhere without your baby? My family is going on a cruise in a few weeks and they all seem to be upset with me that I won't leave Emerson with the babysitting service on the boat so we can have one night without kids. It's easy enough to say something to the ones that don't have children. But how do I defend myself to my family members who do have kids who are willing to leave them with strangers any chance they get?
I'm the same way. I always figured it was just because Chase is my first, but I couldn't see myself leaving a second or third baby "alone" either (and by alone I mean with anyone other than myself!). I run into criticism all the time about not leaving him and always wanting to take him with me. Chase has never taken a bottle and the only time I would have wanted him to was when I went to a wedding when he was 10 months old where "no kids" were allowed. And I was kind of offended by that rule and almost didn't go.

One thing I really don't understand is how parents can think that bottle feeding is easier. It blows my mind! One day when Chase was pretty small still, maybe 2 or 3 months, he wanted to nurse and I was wearing a really dumb top/bra combo that made it hard to just whip out one of my breasts. Coupled with the fact that I was at my in-law's house, so I needed to being doing all of this under a blanket. Chase got a bit frantic for a minute while he had to wait and my mother in law comments, "See? That's why bottle feeding can be so much easier. Just have the bottle ready and none of this struggling has to happen." I could have ripped her head off. But I digress.

Back to the solids topic, we started Chase on solids at 5 and a half months and now that I know how much extra work it is and what a shock it is to their digestive systems, I'm for sure going to wait AT LEAST 6 months before introducing solids with my second.
We tried to start solids this week, being Emerson's 6 month birthday. But, she had a reaction to a banana. Everywhere the banana touched she broke out in hives. I'm just thinking I will postpone solids for another month because maybe she's not ready. She really didn't eat any, she just played with it. Has anyone else had similar experiences?
Oh no! Does she have any food allergies in her family? What did her doctor say about this?
My husband is a doctor and he said that it's just a sign that she's not quite ready for solids. The rash went away quickly so we weren't too alarmed. We consulted some other friends who are also doctors with children and they all said they exclusively breastfed for an entire year. So my plan now is to wait until then to introduce solids. I'm sure Emerson will love only mommy's milk until then. I actually look forward to exclusively nursing longer. I feel like it is such a wonderful gift that Emerson and I share together.
We started at 12 months. It is perfectly safe to practice extended breastfeeding until 12 months of age.
My baby is 11 months old and exclusively breastfed. I plan to begin solids at 12 months. I was wondering if those of you who waited to start solids would share what foods you started with how often you offered food.



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