My 8 month old has a stuffy nose which is making nursing and breathing a challenge. He is not happy about it. Any suggestions?

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oh, that can be so hard, poor thing! Some moms have used a humidifier/cool mist vaporizer or saline rinse in the nose before nursing. I used to hold my babies in the shower for a while, but you can't take a shower before every nursing.

expressing a little milk and offering by cup (or freeze it into a popsicle) can get some milk in them, but many times it is the comfort of nursing that they want.

is he any better in an upright position?

What have you other mommies done in this situation?
My son got quite a bad cold last winter when he was about 4 months old and we came across the same difficulties. It was recommended to us to use a saline rinse before each feeding, but I wasn't taught how to do that properly and didn't feel comfortable doing it. The stuffiness seemed to be worse in the evenings, so that's when I would take him into a hot shower and try to get the steam to loosen things up a bit. I also found that holding him more upright helped quite a bit. Even with these things to help, we still had to stop frequently and let him catch his breath, so feedings took quite a while to finish!

How are things going now? Has his stuffy nose cleared up or are you still dealing with it?
I have had great success with saline drops. I simply bought a bottle for adults at the drug store and give my daughter one or two drops in the nostril that seems stuffy. No need to squeeze it, just let the drops fall out gently. This seems to help loosen whatever is in there enough for her to sneeze it out on her own. I also used a humidifier at night during the winter but you have to be very diligent about cleaning them. I have not had good results with the squeeze bulbs, so saline seems to work the best for us. Julia hates it momentarily, but it helps her breathe better almost instantly. Good luck!



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