I am so glad that Emerson's daddy is a Chiropractor because every mother's worst nightmare happened the other day. I strapped Emerson to her changing table as I turned my back for a moment she scooted her way out of the strap and off the end of the table to the floor. I scooped her up and comforted her and knew that everything was ok when she happily nursed a few minutes later. Thankfully, she only had a couple of bruises on her legs, but what we couldn't see was subluxation (misalignments) in her spine. Daddy was able to make sure that she was properly aligned after her scary fall and she won't suffer any long term effects. What most parents don't know is that all the trips and falls that their kids will take over the years will effect their health in time if the subluxations in their spines are not corrected. I feel so blessed to have my husband to take care of Emerson and myself, but the message of Chiropractic needs to be heard by everyone. Please help me get the word out if you have seen Chiropractic work, let us know! Thanks.

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I have had that feeling more than once myself, my husband is also a chiropractor.

My son, (Thor) was born with shoulder distochia...he was stuck for what seemed like 4ever during delivery....my awesome midwife was able to get the job done, but not with out some tweeking on Thor's arm and shoulder while still inside me. We noticed right away he was not moving his arm...it just lay limp at his side, hand slightly turned in at the wrist. Both my husband and our midwife said it resembled Erb's Palsey....but neither wanted to confirm that right away. At just 46min old Thor received his first adjustment, from his daddy. In less than 24hrs Thor was moving his arm from elbow down....w/in 10 days had FULL range of motion with his shoulder and arm!! We know it was his chiropractic care and my husband's knowledge of exercises to use with Thor. The average healing time for Erb's Palsey is 6weeks, and sometimes a whole year!!! We are blessed to see over and over, everyday with Thor and our 4 other children that Chiropractic works!!!
Your child is very fortunate because most of the time parents would not know that their child can be healed. We actually see a lot of cases like yours in our office but usually forceps induced injuries to little ones. Isn't it such a blessing to have a Chiro husband?
Chiropractic has greatly helped my family. My daughter experienced what is labelled "colic" starting at a few weeks old. We saw a great improvement after chiropractic treatment. In fact, we described it as a "night and day" difference.

The treatment was very gentle and I can't think what it would have been like for her if we hadn't tried chiropractic!
I don't have any children yet but have received Chiropractic care for the past year. For the longest I could remember, I always had pain in my back and could never really pinpoint what it was. While at my first visit, my doctor told me that I am not supposed to live with this pain and that it's not something to get used to. I now am pain free and still continue to go. I can't believe that I waited so long! I will definitely continue going, even when I'm pregnant and will take my future children to see him as well!
I was skeptical of chiro treatment as I didn't know anyone who had ever had it. However when a new pedi wanted to put my baby on Zantac for projectial vommitting (12in+) and reflux, my first thought was, Really?? That's not for old people? But my daughter was having so much terrible and miserable and screaming and I just didn't know how long I could handle it. So we tried the drugs, so I could get her some relief and give me a chance to change my diet. The drugs did work, but I was NOT comfortable giving my baby of 2 months drugs. So after changing everything in my diet so that there was no chance it was that for 2 weeks, I tried to take her off the drugs. Within 12 hours she was screaming and had the exact symptoms as before. So back on drugs. I did a bunch of research online and found other moms who said the chiro adjustments worked for their baby. So I weighed the options, adjustments for short term or meds for longer term. I decided to try it out. I got a name from my midwife of a chiro that she trusted. After 3 treatments, all within one week, I took her off the drugs. No more extreme symptoms. She would still cry and from time to time have issues, but I felt that this was normal baby stuff and not reflux.

Most chiros get that people are unsure if they don't have any experience with them. Mine did everything on my hand first, like demo the force he would use which was barely any. I have recommended him to other friends with the same situation and all saw some improvements or complete recoveries for their babies. As with any doctor, go with recommendations and someone who fits your personality.
So great to hear all of these stories. If more people knew about Chiropractic there would be less children on medications. Thanks for sharing.



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