I used Kissaluvs & Thirstie covers on my baby. Now that he has outgrown them, I am using Bum Genius One Size diapers. I never had any issues with the Kissaluvs or Thirsties. But he leaks out of the back of the Bum Genius every time! I can't figure out if I have the insert in wrong or what!
Any suggestions?

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I use the same kind and I've never had any leaking out the back. Are they brand new? My only thought is that you would need to wash them a few more times with hot water to "waterproof" them. When I first got mine I washed them a total of 6 times (I think) before water would bead off of the covers and absorb right away into the inserts. I suggest do a water test with them and see what's happening. If water sits on top of or beads on the liners at all, then they need more washing. And if water wicks into the covers instead of beading off, same thing. Hope you can solve your problem, I love my BGs!
Great. Thank you. Yeah, I only washed them once before use. I remember washing my Kissaluvs at least 3x before using. I'll try to rewash them all in hot a few times to see. Thanks!
Let me know if the hot washes solved your problem or not.
So far, it seems to be getting better but not solved:( I'm not sure if I'm stuffing them incorrectly or what!
Is it leaking pee or poo? How old is your DS? Are you pointing him down?

Mom of 4
It's pee. Out the back. He's pointed up..:)
Boys have little firehoses which should always point down. :-)

The instructions Bonnie gave you for washing many times to make the diapers waterproof doesn't apply to pocket diapers like the bum genius. Cotton products & hemp products (like prefolds) require this step.

If he is still leaking this way, check that the insert is flat inside the pocket...if it's bunched, this can cause leaking. Also, be sure the insert is on a large enough setting that reaches the back of the pocket. The rise setting (the snaps in the crotch area) should be in a large enough setting as well.

If the issue continues, contact the retailer you bought them from for more suggestions. We all want our customers to be happy with their purchases!

Best wishes,
How are you stuffing them? Can you describe it?

My son is 6 1/2 months old and we have been in these diapers for about 5 months now. I am using the 3.0, do you know what "version" you are using? When I stuff my diapers I put the insert all the way to the front so that the flooded part (I have it snapped on the first snap) is right behind the velcro. Then I just make sure the insert in tucked in and under the flaps in the back and that's it! No leaks! I love them!

The "waterproofing" thing mentioned above I did not do. I have never even heard of it.



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