Have been cloth diapering for 3 years but have run into a new problem....

For the longest time I used BGs.  They were easy.  I liked them.  But recently I have gotten into making wool covers.  So I bought some Mother Ease Sandies and onesize fitteds from someone on craigslist and also bought a couple new online.  The ones I bought used - whenever he has them on, his little man bits get RED - I mean RED.   It occured to me that she may have bleached the heck out of them since only in hind sight did I realize they were stain free...  Stain free microsaude OK, my BGS stay pretty stain free with a little sun when needed, but stain free terry cotton - less likely it seems as I already see stains and I have barely used them.  I have stripped them and I am still having the problem.  Any suggestions?  It makes me sick to feel like I just waisted a lot of money :o/

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I bleached my PFs once and they caused a very bright red rash everywhere the diaper touched. It seemed like the bleachy smell and rash would never go away. Can you smell bleach when he pees into them? I can only suggest keep washing! I think baking soda in your hot wash then vinegar to correct the ph in your rinse (I have a FL; my full wash routine is: I use a full scoop of country save, oxyclean and baking soda in my hot wash [I also dump lots of hot water onto them until the machine senses a full load]; then do a speed wash or if I have time, another hot wash with the detergent tray full of vinegar; then two extra rinses.) 

I know you've been doing it a lot longer than I have, so I'm sure none of this is new; I just remember I had bleached my PFs once and they did that, but now they don't. I just kept washing them. You could also try funk rock in a bathtub full of hot water to soak. 

Thanks - I will keep washing!!  And washing....  and washing :)  I am just glad to hear there is hope.



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