How long have you been cding???

For me, it's been almost four years now!! I started cd'ing when my third child was born in 2005 and then had another in 07 and my newest born in 09!!


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I started using cloth about 2 1/2 years ago, with my first child.
My LO is 20 months today so I would say abut 1 1/2 years!
We have been cloth diapering for one year now. We plan to CD with any future LOs as well.
I wanted to try cloth with my first, but never dove in. With my second b.2004, I used fleece pocket diapers, but struggled with rashes. With my third b.2007, I used unbleached cotton prefolds and fell in love with the whole process, from diapering (I love snappis!) to washing them, to hanging them on the clothesline. I miss it a bit :)
I began cloth diapering shortly after my first child was born in 2007. He was allergic to every type of sposie on the market, so I began researching. I was shocked at the chemicals in the sposies! I just used flats and pins with my first child, thinking that was all that was out there. When my second child was born in '08, I learned about the wonderful world of diapers out there, but knew that I could never afford the initial start up costs, so I bought a few used and began making my own diapers. It has quickly become an addiction!
I wonted to CD my first son but never looked into enough and end up not doing it, But i know for sure with my second that i will be CDing. I wonted to ask what you ladies thought about the wash severs that are out there and what was your favorite CD.
Do you think it helped when it cam time to potty train??



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