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I use prefolds and fitteds (all given in euc 11years ago). Having used them with two kids already
And now using them with my baby -5mo. I need to start replacing them...
I love my prefolds but I would really like to try some pockets too. I just realized
This year that there are "fancy" what do you like?
we LOVE the ones that come with Econobum - they are thick and soft and wash so well!
I bought some econobum covers as seconds from cotton babies. I really like the covers and that they can be used for all sizes. They just fit my baby snapped down to the smallest size. He'll be a medium soon :)
I was wondering about their prefolds....are they the same thickness all over? I thought they must be because I tried my prefolds folded in thirds in the econobum covers and it doesn't work because mine are so thick in the middle. I always pin my prefolds, but it would be nice not to have to.
Thanks for your response.

the diaper that came with them are all the same thickness, which is kinda bulky, but we don't snappy or pin, they have washed and worn really really well.

By "fancy" I mean, like, bamboo velour and things like that.
my favorite are GMD prefolds, they can hold up a lot, dry quickly and don't hold up residue stink like other materials
I have no idea what brand mine are....and about stink, I don't thnk that I have ever heard of anyone using prefolds having a problem with stink! That's a good thing about prefolds!



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