I used to use Motherease One Size diapers and I liked them for their simplicity. I really like having a separate diaper and cover. But unfortunately my diapers got ruined by over enthusiastic bleach use by a well meaning friend. So now I am on the lookout for new cloth diapers. Anything you can recommend in a One Size that is not an AIO?

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I have been using bum genius 3.0 pocket diapers for a year now and love them, but i've never used anything else to compare to either.
If you want to try going diaper free, we just read the most awesome book and have been implementing Natural Infant Hygiene with our baby. It's called Diaper Free! The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene by Ingrid Bauer. We do use bumgenius 3.0 as back up and they are my favorite. Easy to use and wash and they rarely leak. Good luck.
bumGenius are similiar, but they have an insert instead of a diaper and cover. I have been using them for almost 3 years with my 2 daughters and I LOVE them! The one-size has always worked well for us, and maybe just a little bulkier than the typical sized diaper. If you would like to stick with a fitted diaper and cover, I know there are a few companies that make OS fitteds and covers. Here's a few options:
bumGenius: http://www.cottonbabies.com/product_info.php?cPath=28&products_...
Swaddlebees OS organic: http://www.cottonbabies.com/product_info.php?cPath=28&products_...
Thirsties DuoWrap: http://www.thirstiesbaby.com/duo_wrap.htm
Econobum: http://www.cottonbabies.com/product_info.php?cPath=138&products...
I know you said you like having a separate diaper and a cover but i just discovered Rumparoos which is a onesize pocket diaper- it's pretty sweet they have "gussets" ( I call em poop cathers) sewn in the diaper so there is double elastic on the legs (sort of like in a disposable). My new fav diaper.
Bummer that your Mother-ease are ruined! Mine have lasted through 2 kids and are still going for #3! I LOVE Mother-ease!

My second favorite is Knickernappies one size pocket diapers. http://www.gobabygoshop.com/page7.html
I like the snap closure better than the velcro on the bum genius, especially when my 8 month old loves the sound of velcro being ripped off, so she's always trying to get out of her diapers with velcro. LOL
Next favorite system is Gro Baby All in 2. The cotton inserts snap in and out and their shell/covers are WAY cool. http://www.gobabygoshop.com/page26.html

Good luck in your search!
Diane, mom to 4
I'm loving the Flip Diaper by the makers of bumGenius. You reuse the outer cover and switch out the insert. The organic inserts are SUPER absorbent! You can use the cover over any other prefold/fitted you may have too! http://www.bananapeelsdiapers.com/catalog.php?item=1530
I absolutely love Fuzzi Bunz, we have had great luck with them.
I have been reading alot today about diapers and so far I think the grobaby diapers look the best (with the snaps only comes in white sadly well for now) I looked at the flip Diapers someone else posted and those look cool too! good luck on your decision!
I use SweetDollBaby and Nubunz one size pocket diapers, and I love them! They are just as good as the more expensive pocket diapers as far as quality.

I actually just sent back my bumgenius 3.0 because the velcro was already starting to give out after only 5 months. We now have fuzzibunz one size and they are awesome. The way you adjust the fit is like the adjustable kid's pants with elastic instead of snaps and they are so soft and not too bulky. Love them when we are not doing EC. I bought them from squishytushy.com and they have great deals as well as buying back my old diapers for store credit. I hope you find something.

I, too, really like the Flip diaper system b/c you can use the covers with so many different inserts: prefolds, disposable liners, fitteds, etc.


I just bought some used Motherease OS diapers and like them so far, too. 



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