Hello everyone! I'm not yet a parent but am thinking ahead. My husband and I looked at the incredible cost of disposable diapers and see cloth as the more economical alternative. However, I can't get visions of the old-fashioned cloth diapers and the mess involved out of my head. Can you all share your experiences, any tricks of the trade, best brands (I'm eyeing either gdiapers or bumgenius), etc? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I use FuzziBunz all in one perfect sized diapers (my daughter is using size small).  I was worried about mess, but in truth, once you start cloth diapering you won't even feel it lol....I have a pair of rubber gloves strictly designated for scrubbing out any poop marks that don't come out after I put it through the regular wash lol. But it isn't that often that I need to even do such a 'touch up,' so I'm really happy with the system I purchased. I do diapers laundry every other day; my daughter uses about 12-14 diapers in this time, even though I'd initially purchased 21 diapers to start up. Also, I purchased half of my fuzzibunz used from a mom who had a big baby who grew like a weed and couldn't wear them after 4 months. But this is the extreme exception rather than the rule - I know two ladies at church who used the small sized fuzzi bunz till their babies were one year old!  The Other half of my fuzzibunz I bought brand new from an online retailer (The natural parenting shop) when they were selling for $15 Canadian on sale. So I've never had to pay full price, which makes these all in ones a real steal. So even if you're not comfortable purchasing used cloth diapers and sanitizing them before using them on your own baby, you can definitely buy these diapers new for a great price as long as you are patient and hunt around. If I were you, I'd start looking at these diapers now - find some websites known to occasionally have great deals, and check at least a couple times a week to see if they're on sale yet lol...it only takes a minute from your time, and the savings are wonderful.


So just buy gloves so you don't have to touch any messes and keep an eye out for deals :).  I love my fuzzibunz as a brand, and this is the brand the ladies at my church use too. If you buy cloth diapers and your little one is wet a lot, just buy some doublers to use along with your all in one diapers - the first day I used cloth diapers, my daughter leaked through all of them. So I went online and did research, and found out that a doubler might solve the problem. I purchased 12 doublers from bumgenius at the price of $5.50 CAD for three....and let me tell you, I have not had one leak or blowout since. In fact, my daughter leaks/blowsout LESS in cloth diapers than disposables!  Who knew?!?  If your baby ends up needing even more than this, hemp liners are super absorbent; I have two hemp liners that I use as doublers sometimes, and I've noticed that when I use them, the urine doesn't even or barely soaks through to the terry liner in the Fuzzibunz diaper.


Good luck with all this!  Let us know what you decide :)

I also use fuzzibunz one size. A few things I highly recommend:

1. Get one of those spray attachments that hook up under your toliet. It looks like the kitchen sink kind, and I love it! I can get my diapers almost completely clean before putting it in the pail.
2. Get a nice big pail. I have a 54qt(?) pail that can fit every diaper I own, should they all be dirty at the same time (don't imagine it doesn't happen)
3. Get a pail liner. Awesome! It's made of that PUL fabric so you can throw it in the wash with the diapers.

4. Don't stress if you have a period of trial and error. Adjusting the fit of the diapers, finding what works best at night, how long your kid can go between changes without leaking, these are not the product of intuition, but experience.
5. This is my mantra in dealing with particularly dirty diapers: There is nothing I can get on my hands that I can wash off!

6. You are not a failure if you have to use a disposable once in a while. A happy mommy makes a happy baby, and a mommy with the flu ( for example) shouldn't have to feel guilty for not feeling up to doing loads of poopy diapers.

That my two (6) cents.

Thanks, ladies!  This is really helpful!  You've made cloth diapering sound palatable.  :o)


That spray attachment thing sounds fantastic.  I'm just wondering if it works with all toilets?  I'm living in the UK (I'm an American and my husband is British) so who knows?  :o)


What are your thoughts about hiring a diaper laundering service?  I know of one in my area but they only launder their style of diapers.


Thanks again!  I'm sure I'll post other questions as I go along but I'm really leaning toward cloth diapers!  (And thanks for the no-guilt aspect of using the occasional disposable.  I'm sure with lots of things - breastfeeding, too - it will be easy to condemn myself if I don't stick to a certain thing 100% of the time.  I really appreciate that!)




I use a combination of Bumgenius and Fuzzibuns one size, love the fact that I don't have to buy a single diaper again unless I just feel like splurging on a cute print.


Because LO was too skinny for the one size diapers as a newborn I had to use disposables part time because I didn't have enough prefolds and didn't want to invest in diapers that would only be used for a few more weeks.  That is when I REALLY learned to appreciate cloth. 


Using a disposable meant that a blowout could happen at any time and I was guaranteed to wake up to a soaked baby in the morning because he slept through the night.  With cloth I never have leaks (after I figured out fit) and the only time we had a blowout was because grandma didn't change the diaper for 5 hours and the thing weighed just as much as LO.


Because of that I find that I deal with a lot less poop with cloth than I did with disposables because it never gets on any clothing and I use the wetbag as a glove when dumping them in the washer.  I've never had to "depoofy" my washer.


I've been wanting to get a diaper sprayer but haven't as of yet, LO just started solids so I'm using fleece liners to dump the poop in the toilet.  I've never needed gloves.


If you live in the UK most houses that I've visited in Europe have bidets which is just the sprayer's predecessor.

My sisters all wonder how I do cloth diapers and I put SM in disposables for traveling and wonder how they can deal with disposables. Besides the cost of disposables you also have to add in the cost of clothes that you sometimes just cannot seem to get the stains out. Cloth is so much cleaner. I have a sprayer in my laundry room sink and just spray all of them out at the end of the day. I have never had to scrub diapers and have very few diapers with stains. I use Bumgenius OS ans Thirsties covers with flats both do a great job over all. The OS AIO are faster to change but the flats with a cover hold a bit more for night and I have never had a up the back blow out which can be very messy. Also i recently got a OS pocket diaper from theluvyourbaby.com and it is the same as BumGenius but less than half the price. You can ask a diapering service if they have a trial week where you can try a bunch of different kinds of diapers before you buy your stash too.




Thanks again, everyone!  This has been really helpful!  :o)

First off go BUMGENIUS! G-diapers are nice but they are fussy to get on.  Yet if you are looking at g-diapers it's because you like the idea of being able to go disposable on occasion.  There are two other brands that offer both cloth and disposable. There is Grovia and Flip. 

My husband wasn't completely on board either, but now he loves our toilet sprayer as much as I do. If you are a clean obsessed person, you will love the challenge of cleaning diapers. He is still amazed at how clean I can get the diapers and how something that was so horribly smelling and disgusting, is clean, fresh, and ready to go. 

Washing cloth diapers in your washer won't make your clothes smell like poop.  

My tip for using a top loader is to simply shrink the hot wash load to the smallest possible, but make the rinse loads large. You want lots of friction between the fabrics to clean them. I do suggest getting snaps if you have a top loader, my velcro has always taken a beating for some reason.  I am enjoying the Bumgenius detergent as of right now. When buying detergent buy lots of samples, what may work at first may not work later.  




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