Need advice fellow moms!!-Prefolds......are not as scary as I thought!! : )

So I have been posting a lot of comments, asking questions, about cloth diapering as soon as I decided I wanted to do this with my future 2nd child. As I have delved deeper & deeper into the amazing & obsessive world of CD, I have changed my mind or thought I made up my mind a lot on what kind of cloth diaper I prefer to go with. As you all know the world of cloth diapering can be VERY overwhelming, there's so much!!! AIO or AI2 was the obvious answer at first (as I am sure it's most appealing to newbies). Definitely OS diapers & I new I was avoiding prefolds at all costs & even cloth wipes (I was going to at least use the most environmentally friendly type)!! Than I moved to OS pockets & thought I found my perfect fit. Next I discovered cloth wipes weren't that bad or "scary" either, so I'm going with cloth wipes (a new little obsession I'm excited about). Than the next challenge was do I invest in newborn size diapers or just OS?? Oh this has been agonizing.......but the consensus of nearly everyone who has had experience with CDs is go with newborn size at first because the OS are just too big for newborns. Ok so this was a bit daunting because that's a bigger investment for such a short time (3 months on average).  Well than I looked into newborn rentals & came across the most economical deal at earthcrunchymom(I'll get back to the idea of "most economical", which is one of the reasons moms choose CDs!). I was looking at the options & saw that you can mix them up with various types & brands of CDs or there's a prefold only package. Than I started to look around on her website & came across some prefolds for sale (I think they are called baby kick hemp prefolds?). Well........they are so cute!!! I know they are the absolutley most economical way to cloth diaper, right ladies?? The snappis make them easy & I was watching a few videos on YouTube on the ways to fold them, doesn't seem that hard! Just like cloth diapering in general, at first seems so hard or complicated but it's all really easy. So, I know it's crazy, but I think I might actually go with prefolds & covers instead of everything else!!! From where I started to now looking atthe most old fashion way of doing it I guess, is surprising but I'm actually excited!! So I do have a few questions for those who use prefolds or ever have:


1. So for those of you who have tried prefolds, what are your thoughts on it??

2. Who exclusively prefolds & loves it!!? : )

3. Is it really the cheapest, most frugal, most economical...however you want to say it lol, way to cloth diaper?

4. This is an important question-what's the difference between "prefolds" & flats"?? Price-wise too?

5.What's the best way to get poopy off of them?

6.Finally, what are some techniques on folding them as this was the most intimadating part of it all-I was worried I wouldn't fold them right therefore they wouldn't work properly)??

**Please, please add links to pictures or videos of different folding techniques if you know of any. Thank you!


thank you so much fellow mammas for your help & guidance!! : )

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I forgot one question! What are the brands/products you swear by wjen it comes to prefolds, flats, and/or covers? Thanks!

1. Prefolds were my first diapers, not including the 3 AIOs I bought on BabySteals. I love them; they are so versatile and having a lot of them, and mostly using just PFs, they are the easiest to fold and store.

2. Like I said, I have other diapers, but I reach for my PFs and covers FIRST. They're awesome. With each and every one of my covers, no matter the brand (GroVia, Thirsties, Flip), my very favorite is that I can tri-fold (along the 2 seams) and lay them down in the cover. So easy to just take them out. I've tried using a Snappi, but I don't think wrapping the baby with the PF keeps the poop off the shell any more than trifolding, and besides, even if it doesn't get on the shell I switch shells when she poops. No big deal.

3. I have invested in a few different styles, and I really believe that if you want to go frugal with it, prefolds and covers are much easier on the pocketbook. My MIL bought my PFs, so of course they were free to me, but seriously, buy an organic dozen smalls and they'll fit (at least the way I use them) until a year old! I'm just now getting to the point that I might need to get longer PFs, because my Flips won't hold them in so well if I unsnap the last rise snap, but making it to a year, I'd say that's pretty cost effective considering how inexpensive they are compared to the different brand-specific "inserts" the companies make.

4. A PF is a 3-segment diaper; what most people just get the cheapo Gerber ones for burp cloths. A flat is a really thin flour-sack type square of cotton fabric that has to be folded down to size. They dry quickly, but other than that I don't know much about them since I've never used one.

5. My daughter's poop usually just rolls off into the toilet. Since I change covers every time she poops, I hold the PF with the cover and either shake it off or if it's sticky or smashed-on, spray it with the diaper sprayer.

6. I tried several folds (with PFs that is, not flats as I have none), and I was always frustrated. Not only did the "bikini fold" not live up to it's reputation of making a "pocket" for poops, the poop was on multiple layers and sides, making it more spread out on several surfaces and harder to remove with the sprayer. I tried the regular "angel wings" fold and I just wasn't all that impressed with the whole snappi thing after using my Flips with a tri-folded diaper. It just skips that whole "folding" step. I can hardly snap the shell on my wiggly girl, I don't need to add another "wrapping" step!

Here are a bunch of folds (link)

Here's what I do (link)

One other thought...

I don't know if I said this, but I use a regular trash can with a Kissa's Antibacterial Pail Liner (by kissaluvs). I've never had a bad odor in my daughter's room, unless I've waited too many days to wash. Still, it's not a very pungent odor as I've smelled in baby rooms with disposable diapers in the "odor locking" pails. Get 2 liners so you can use one while the other is washing.

If you want to know anything about washing routines, detergent, cloth safe rash ointments, and other stuff, I'm here :)

Thank u so much!! Very helpful : ) I will definitely check out the links as soon as possible! So having tried other types of CDs, would you choose prefolds over the others for whatever the reasons are??
Those links were great, thank you! But she said the trifold doesn't hold runny poop well or breastmilk poop which is probably what my newborn would have as I plan to once again exclusively breastfeed until solids are introduced of course. Do u or others agree? What fold works best for a breastfed newborn than?
Chinese or Indian prefolds, or maybe a different brand like Baby Kicks Hemps, what's your favorite & why?? What is your favorite cover & why? Also wash routines for prefolds and do u wash them seperate of covers & other types of cloth diapers?? Thanks for the helpful hints ladies!! : )

I used organic cotton Bummis in size small for my NB with newborne Bummis covers because they have a little dip in the front for the cord.  I now use Econobums prefolds which are supposed to last your child from birth to pottytraining. I just really like cotton, it is soft and easy to wash but to be honest the only other thing I tryed are the microfiber inserts for Fuzzibuns and I had such a hard time getting them clean.  I love my Blueberry coveralls, they are great quality and I like the prints. I also like Flip covers and I wish I would have tryed them along time ago. I love how both brands fit and the adjustability.  I perfer snaps, especially now that my baby is a little older he has figured out how to take off velcro.

I use the newspaper/Angel wing forld with a snappi and it seems to hold everything in well for us.  But when my baby started wiggeling more I used the bikini twist which worked fine once the poops were more solid.

I wash prefolds, covers and wipes together.  I do a cold rinse, and a hot wash with Planet powdered detergent.  The covers are air dryed and everything else goes in the dryer.

I tryed flats, my Grandmother and Mother used them, and I liked them but I still just love my prefolds. I dont like how thin the flats are.

Thank you Mel for the helpful hints!! : ) Yes the Blueberry covers are cute! I was definitely going to try Thirsties & Bummis and possibly Flips. I have a couple more questions (haha) in relation to your comment. I will post it as a comment, please feel free to answer it, thanks!

Where do u get your Blueberry Covers? They are very cute, but would like to get them at a great price or if used in VERY good condition-like new. Thanks!

I got one recently on Amazon, free shipping over $25.  I think I got another from  But my favorite CD site is  They were all the same price, the other two have free shipping and a rewards program.

They are a little thicker than the other covers and I love them.  If I ever have to buy more covers I will get them so I can have more cute prints.

Ok thank you! Yes sweetbottomsbaby is a great site : ) I like cottonbabies too, I think that's where I'll get my prefolds & some covers.

I like them also and ordered my prefolds and the couple pocket diapers I have tryed from them. They have great customer service, I have had a broken snap on a bumGenius diaper and they fixed it for free.  But I live in Alaska and with them free shipping doesnt apply here.

Good to know!!



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