I registered for both Happy Heinys and Fuzzi Bunz for a majority of our one size diapers. After I did this my friend told me they had leaking problems with the Happy Heinys when their son was young (he is 2 now).

Anyone have similar problems? Anyone like or dislike this brand?


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This is just my opinion. I have tried all in ones and fuzzi bunz. I feel that one size seems like a good idea untill you find that they are big and too bulky to fit under your babies clothes and later they don't work either. The poop comes out the sides (blow outs) I personally have found that by FAR the best is NIKKY diaper covers! I have used them for 2 children and the velco is still in great shape (they are too)You will not get leaks. There are several different types. The breathable polyester are great. Wool ones are incredibly breathable, but thick. They work great at night though for keeping a baby dry. They have different grades of covers, cotton ones are beautiful but expensive. They have large gussets that fit around the legs and I swear keep them from leaking. You can skip sizes too. (nb then m etc).
I found that 9/10 a size can get you through 2 days. You do not need to wash them every change unless they get dirty, just air dry.
Inserts, I have tried many and I found personally you can not beat GAUZE FLATS. They are economical. They are very breathable and very absorbant. You can double them. They are not bulky so you baby looks much like a baby wearing a disposable (IE fits under clothing). You basically fold them to fit the cover it works best it there is a little resting up against the gussets. I have tried prefolds, and fitted and these just worked great! They also are very sanitary and dry really fast. All I can say is stay away from inserts with rayon cores and flannel. (feel soft, I don't find very absorbant). Also, flats work great for burp cloths and cleaning cloths!
You can find them by googling gauze diapers and also at doodles diapers, anglefluff. If you wanted to make them you can find material at verybaby. I think they sell made up ones too. (What is best is that they are about 15.00 a dozen!) so I think they are worth at least ordering and trying. I have loved them. I personally have used disposables when out. This time I am considering trying the gdiaper inserts in the Nikkis and maybe a few of these covers too (I love the black).

Good luck. I hope this helped
Hope this helps
Oh and liners keeps your baby just as dry as the diapers as you are talking about do. Try disposables when your baby is small.
I personally do not care for aplix. It does not hold up as long as snaps and baby will master diaper removal with aplix. It also can rub against chubby baby tummies. I have my Fuzzi Bunz from almost 5 years ago that have lasted through 2 kiddos. The Fuzzi Bunz One size even comes with replacement elastic so you can extend the life of your diapers even longer!

Hi Andrea,

We have had good luck with both once we got the hang of putting them on (not being afraid of putting them on too tight and checking the leg openings each time).  That said, I bought some used Happy Heinys and they have been blowing out--I think the elastic has stretched just enough that they don't cinch down as well for my 3 month old.  Once she gets a bit bigger I don't think this will be a problem any longer. 


I also really like Nikky covers with gauze flats folded up.  Very absorbent for pees, but messy for poops.  They also fit well in gDiapers which fit my daughter very well. 


For me it was about trial and error--and I was lucky enough to get in on a set of newborn sized diapers that get passed around to friends as they need them..... included Bummis, Bumpy and Nikky covers, prefolds and gauze flats and Kissaluvs size 0 fitteds.  The Kissaluvs are great for poops b/c they don't blow out.


Good luck!

i lovee the fuzzibunz one size diapers i used to have horrible messes with the disposibles but with the fb iv been having great luck it keeps them contained very well and the large inserts are a little on the big side but the hold great for overnight



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