I want to start making my own diapers.  I have penty of OS for my daughter(19mo), so would like to make newborn sizes for when I have the next baby(not in the works, but hoping maybe next year).  I started using cloth when my daughter was 11mo.  So I've never used them on a newborn.  My questions are:  Should I find a pattern(haven't found any I really like yet), or just trace one of the diapers I have?  And, how do I size for a newborn?  If I trace would putting my OS at the smallest size work?   I would also love any tips and pointers you have!!!  Thanks!!

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We used small prefolds and covers with our newborn, and they worked well. We tried using just prefolds at first, but he soaked through them so fast. I would suggest finding a pattern you like and going with that. I used Rita's Rump Cover pattern for my covers, and it's a one size pattern that fit even on my newborn because you fold or roll it to lower the rise. The pattern is designed to use pins, but I modified it by adding velcro. I think I would prefer to use snaps. Here's a blog post about the covers I made: http://mamasandbabies.blogspot.com/2009/07/cloth-diapers-ive-sewn.html. That post also has a link to Rita's Rump Cover pattern. As a word of advice, (learn from my mistake) don't use flannel on any part of a cover or outer shell. It soaks up the pee and wears out pretty quickly. I'm at the point that I need to replace my stash, and I'm hoping to use some tax refund money to get some Sunbaby diapers. I hope this helps :)
It did!!  Thanks Cherylyn!!



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