I started noticing the enthusiasm from you moms about cloth diapering, and when I talked with my mom and grandma about it, they told me that cloth is a huge inconvenience, messy, lots of laundry.

So tell me, ladies, what would you say to a first time preggers person about cloth diapers?  Please tell me the Pro and Con of disposable and cloth.  Thanks!

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I started using cloth with my first partly to save money, but also so I wasn't filling the dump with disposables.  One reason I liked them so much is because my baby had sensitive skin and she never had a diaper rash with cloth, I think because they are not filled with all of the chemicals of disposables and the cloth is so soft. 

I did like to use disposables when I would be out of the house for a long period of time because I like the convenience of just throwing them away. 

I ended up washing diapers every other day, which I didnt feel was too bad. 

There are so many different kinds of cloth diapers there is sure to be one that will fit every ones needs.   I like the all in ones.   

Thats a big plus.. not irritating the baby's skin.  Thanks for listing your fav diaper, too.

Here is the link I came across a couple of days ago.  I hope it is helpfull.


That link is very helpful, thanks Mel

In addition to all of the usual environmental and health reasons, money played a big role for us.  We registered for cloth and I traded a lot so the initial investment was minimal.  We alternated between cloth and disposables at first and even with not using them full time we were spending $18 a week on store brand diapers, it would have been at least 50% that if we had been using disposables full time, add 25% more if buying brand name.  


On the other hand the cloth diapers paid for themselves (based on my out of pocket investment) by the time that LO was 3 months old, if I calculate including the amount that relatives and friends spent they paid for themselves by 8.5 months.  This is big for us since we already struggle to make ends meet.


I bought one size cloth diapers so I don't need to buy any more unless I feel like splurging which I occasionally do because I love the fluffy butt look and love trying new brands and prints.  The only times that LO had a rash was with disposables.


I find that cloth isn't any harder than disposables, on the contrary it's easier because I've never had any blowouts with cloth (had plenty with sposies) so I went through less outfit and less messy cleanups.  LO figured out early on how to take off a disposable diaper yet he can't pull of the snaps on his cloth. The dirty diaper still goes into a pail but the bag goes into my washing machine instead of the garbage and my laundry routine is so streamlined that it doesn't interfere with anything else and takes less time than driving to the store.  My utility bills barely changed with doing laundry every other day.



Economic plus... even with a little more laundry.  Do you do the diapers in a separate load?  And do you put them in a special container until you get to washing day?
I use a step on kitchen trash can with a pail liner and just dump the diapers in the washer including the bag, yes I do wash them separately but wouldn't be against mixing if I washed smaller loads.

My grandmothers had the same reaction to my cloth diaper plans, but here is what I found out: cloth diapering has evolved a lot in the last 10-15 years!  The new fabrics are amazing. They hold in leaks so well and are easy to care for. We love our cloth dipes! I find it so much easier to do two loads of laundry per week than constantly running to and from the store for more diapers.  

You want the pros and cons, so I will admit that cloth dipes take up a little more room in your diaper bag, and you have to purchase special residue-free detergent.  But it's really worth it!


I suppose that is true about new fabrics and fits.  As far as the cons you mentioned, I wouldn't mind the bulk of the cloth diapers and I am wanting to use residue free detergent for myself anyhow because I don't like all the chemicals and fillers in there.  Thanks Lisa!

I thought people who cloth diapered were nuts...  Until my second baby was almost 6 months and my friend who cd was talking about the cost of wraps (her husband was complaining about buying the next size up and the cost).  I almost died when I said, "What is he complaining about!  I spend that in two months with disposables!"  And that is when it hit me.  I decided to give cloth a go on financial grounds.  So I started with gdiapers because there was a good sale.  They didn't work for me.  Then went to Bum Genius and haven't looked back since.  I still use disposables when it is convient (night, travel, after a new baby) but stick mostly to my cloth.  I have since tried many styles and brands, but for baby #3 decided to stick with Bum Genius.  They have a good, user friendly product.  I do recomend a sprayer for your toilet and a good bucket for storage.  If your hubby is handy, he can probably figure out how to do one with a kitchen sprayer.  As for the bucket, a 5 gallon bucket with a Gamma Lid is awesome.  I'll give you a link to my blog where I talk about cloth for one of my friends.  Over all it is more laundry, but I really I feel it is worth it.


I had thought that cd would be financially smarter... so I am glad to see so many people say that even just the cost difference is worth it.  Do you have to wash with hot water?  Thanks for posting your blogspot!

Nevermind :) I read through your blog.  Thank you Rachael!



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