I use plain old Walmart Gerber prefolds and rubber pants, and have never had an issue with leaking or diaper rash or anything like that. My main issue is that rubber pants are really poofy and to me they just look kinda tacky.

I've made two covers from PUL with aplix closures but the closure part seems uncomfortable on my two very mobile babies, ages 9 months and 22 months.

What style covers do you prefer for prefolds (or flatfolds) and why? If your baby isn't yet on the go, I'm interested in your opinion as well because I have a new little one coming in October (yes three in diapers! eek!) and this will be my first baby started in cloth. I switched my two "big" babies to cloth just a few months ago. I can't afford to buy covers but I'm interested in looking at the ones you all like so I can try to make them myself.

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I tried Thirsties and Bummis with my cotton prefolds and liked them both. Have you considered knitting your own wool covers? I consider wool covers to be the very best! I used one for nighttime with my daughter, and found the care to be easier than I expected. If you don't knit, I have heard that there are other mamas who knit them up and sell them for less than the brand name ones. What an cool adventure you are on with all your little ones! Blessings!
I heard that you can buy wool sweaters and cut out your own covers from them and then sew them together....(I think that the idea was to get them from goodwill or thrift stores--I never tried it)
I'm facing the same dilemma myself. I just started using cloth diapers (prefolds and covers) on my 17 month-old about a month ago. I love using cloth, but I have a problem with the touch tape covers. I only have a few covers, and they are Bummi's with touch tape. She knows how to pull the touch tape to remove her own diaper, and if she doesn't have any clothes over her diaper when she goes down the stairs, it pulls at the touch tape and her diaper comes off. The covers are medium size, which is what's recommended for her weight, but I also have the problem of the front of the diaper cover coming apart from the wings, and she ends up walking around with the wings taped together and the rest of the diaper hanging down. She has a very skinny little bottom, and I'm wondering if a smaller size cover would work better, because with the medium covers I have to pull the wings all the way together to get the diaper snug on her. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, I found a pattern for making diaper covers: Rita's Rump Cover. They are one size fits most, and designed to be used from infant to toddler. I love the concept, but the lady who designed it uses pins to hold the cover in place. I would rather avoid pins, and I'm trying to figure out if there is a good way to make this versatile cover with touch tape instead and still have it be able to fit all the different sizes. I would like to make some of them with PUL fabric and use it over prefolds. Has anyone made this pattern? How has it worked for you?
I have a 4 month old. We mainly use fuzzy bunz, but my favorite covers are the hand knit wool soakers that were given to me. You can find them on etsy.com an are not too expensive. If you know how to knit then you're in luck! I wish I knew how because they're the cutest things ever! They can wear them as clothes; just throw a shirt on them and their ready to go! We also like Thirsties covers. Good luck!
I just made some of my own covers, and so far I love them! I'll post pictures soon :)
I've posted the pictures on my blog: www.MamasAndBabies.blogspot.com if you want to see the covers I made. I've used the homemade covers for about a week now and I'm loving them!
I make all my own covers, with fleece remnants and flannel-backed PUL. I bough a Prorap in each size (NB thru XL), and stretched it out, and traced around it ( you may need two people) I use velcro for closure. I have several different styles of cover/system, but like mine best! Maybe I'm just used to them? I don't know, but it all costs about $3 per cover. The gussets were tricky, but I left them out and they still work well. The fleece lining is key! I also make my pre-folds out of old t-shirts. WAY more absorbent than the diaper service pre-folds! Old towels work really well, too. Don't forget to stitch those "channels" into them, though!
Bryna, it's awesome that you make your own covers. I think you should be proud of your own work, and you probably prefer them over anything else because you made them the way you want them to be :) I have a question though. When you make your own prefolds, what do you mean by stitching channels into them? What do the channels do?
LiteWraps worked best for all 3 of our kids, with varying body types, chubby legs, skinny legs, chunky belly, skinny belly, long rise, no butt;)
Totally knit your own wool soakers, very economical and hygenic!
Just tried the Mommy's Touch one size cover (sold exclusivley at www.greenmountaindiapers.com ) and it is awesome!! It's an adjustable snap cover, PLU material, budget friendly and grows with your child.
Thirsties covers are great! You can use them with any type of diaper underneath - prefolds, fitteds, contours, etc. They have leg gussets which prevent leaks and blowouts. The inside can be easily wiped clean and reused if needed. The new Thirsties Duo Wrap comes in 2 sizes so you will only need to invest in 2 sizes of diaper covers from birth to potty. You can also easily adjust them to fit other siblings. http://www.bananapeelsdiapers.com/catalog.php?category=89



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