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Comment by Karyn Dunavant on June 26, 2012 at 1:24pm

Meant to say the reason I don't use cloth wipes while I'm out is because carrying the spray bottle is a pain. One time I had just refilled it, and the lid came off and the whole entire bottle was dumped into my diaper bag! Luckily there were lots of cloth diapers to soak it up! :)

Comment by Karyn Dunavant on June 26, 2012 at 1:21pm

Ok...I'm back! Sorry Jessica if you felt like your questions were going unanswered. About being able to get a couple brands and stick with them rather than trying a bunch out: I did NOT do a trial package, because it seemed too complicated to me. I just tried a few of my favorites just from looking, and all of them have worked. It does take a little bit before you figure out how to make them work for you though, as I said with the folding of the PFs. I don't wrap my baby in PFs, EVER. I ALWAYS trifold them, no matter what cover I'm using (which, BTW, works so well with the GroVias I wish I'd never gotten any inserts! Inserts are expensive, they have to snap in, they don't absorb as much,  and if you're trying to change a diaper in public without exposing your baby for a minute or two while you snap in a new liner, it's much faster! Now I rarely use my inserts. They sit in the drawer!)

I have a long and lean baby, so that could be why I haven't had any fitting issues with any of the diapers I have. Really, it comes down to the style you like. I find Flips to be visually unappealing [but work great!], but for home they are fine and I don't really care. So if we're out I usually use my GroVia covers under dresses. 

I haven't tried Kawaiis. I've heard a lot about them but since I have all I need for now, I don't see why I should. 

I have used the flip biodegradable inserts and I'm not too infatuated. I have a whole package that I've not used because with a wet bag, CDing isn't so hard "on the go" that I have felt the urge to use them. 

I disagree with Jami about cloth wipes, though. I would rather use cloth because I wipe my baby girl's bottom after each change, and I would have to either have a separate wastebasket next to my pail or take it to the bathroom and flush or throw it away. It keeps it easier for me. I LOVE Knickernappies Baby Bum Drops. I put it in a cheap spray bottle and spray one wipe to dampen it, then wipe her little bums, then I can grab the PF/insert out of the cover and toss BOTH into the same pail. Keeps it simple for me. However, I haven't figured out how to make it that easy on  the go, so I use disposable wipes while we're out. It also makes it easier if they have a poop while you're out and don't have a sprayer, because you can use the wipe to knock it into the toilet if you need to.

Comment by Jessica on June 25, 2012 at 2:45pm

That Oh Katy brand won the "Mom's Choice Awards Honoring Excellence"

Comment by Jami Hepworth on June 25, 2012 at 2:44pm

I just thought I would throw out my 2-cents on cloth diapering for anyone and everyone who is interested. I have been exclusively cloth diapering my son from the time he was a few weeks old to present - he is 16 months old now.  I have written several blog posts on the topic for all of my interested friends going into to details of my routine, what is in my stash (mostly gDiapers using Joeybunz hemparoo inserts), and such. Also a post from my husband on the whole experience from his perspective! I have a review in there comparing gDiaper inserts to Joeybunz hemparoos. I used to like the g inserts better (as you can see in the review), but as my son has gotten older, they just don't absorb enough. So, we have made the transition to doubling two hemparoos in each diaper and that has worked very well for us. We have also used Rockin' green ammonia bouncer to strip the ammonia from his diapers and it does a great job. Probably one of the best personal tips I have for all of you is this: I have only had to strip his diapers twice because every time he poops, after we spray them over the toilet, we also spray a little bit of Simple Green biodegradable non-toxic cleaner on the affected areas before we drop them in the wet bag. That has really helped keep the ammonia from building up in his diapers. It also works well to spray on baby clothing that gets poopy from time to time. Saved some of his whites from baby poop stains. :) Also, we used to use rockin' green soap, but we found an even cheaper and more available (as in not necessary to purchase online) option at Trader Joe's - their dry non-scented laundry detergent works great. And, we have cloth wipes that we wet with water (we tried several wet wipe mixes, but they gave my son a rash), and they work ok and save us money . . . but I really like disposable wipes better. Cloth wipes are pretty inconvenient I have learned. But anyways, here are the links to my posts:

Hope this was helpful to someone out there! :)

Comment by Jessica on June 25, 2012 at 2:18pm

Thanks Mel! yea, it seems like a lot of people gravitate toward the BGs. And could to know about the others you discussed.

Q: Has anyone tried the brand "Oh Katy!" ?? they looked good.  Just wondering. 

Also I was able to look at the gDiapers up close & they do NOT look like they would be good!! I can see why newbies grab them first b/c thats the main brand available in retail stores, but I'm glad I looked at them. Staying away from them lol. i see problems with them. Idk. Not that they were ever my first choice.

Comment by Mel on June 24, 2012 at 10:23pm

Hi Jessica. 

I have tryed Kawaii, I like them.  The run a little bigger so they were not good in the beginning. 

I have also tryed fuzzibunz, I didnt like the elastic adjustments in the leggs and I dont use them.

I have several Bumgenius and for a pocket diaper they are my favorte.  I like the stay dry fabric and the strechy tabs. 

I have also tryed some of the disposable inserts, I thinks the flip ones are cheaper than the gDiapers ones, but I like them both.  And I sometimes put them in my BumGenius diapers.  I only use them when we will be away from home for several days.

I mostly stuff my diapers with cotton prefolds when I use these ones because I have very hard water and it is so hard to get the microfiber inserts clean.

Comment by Jessica on June 22, 2012 at 1:58pm

Haha & if you ladies couldn't tell this is becoming a little research obsession for me (like natural at home/or water birth was a little while back). I apologize if I keep asking for adivce, but it is a great thing to gather as much information now & learn what I can before I enter the CD world for real! : ) Thanks for understanding & your help!!

Comment by Jessica on June 22, 2012 at 1:55pm

HELP!!!!! : / LOL - So as we've said there are soooo many brands out there & its hard to decide which ones to invest in because it seems like they all have good & some bad reviews. So do you buy a bunchofa different kinds to try out or has anyone leaned toward one brand & stuck with it? I'm just curious becuase when i think I've found a brand or two that I like I read something that makes me think twice. I'm leaning towards AIOs because I wouldn't have to deal with prefolds or covers and AI2s because it's the same as AIOs but u have the option (hybrid option) say when traveling or out shopping, etc. to use a biodegradable insert.  I would like to avoid pockets I think but I understand most AI2s might have them.  I'm thinking of CBs a lot & I know a lot of people use BGs too. So idk.  If you had to choose one brand that was your all time favorite that fell under AIOs or AI2s that you could see your whole stash being, which brand would it be & why?? Also, for the biodegradable inserts for special use on occasion, which ones are the best? I know Flip, gDiapers, CB, & others have them.  The thing is with disposable diapers with my first, yes I might have tried maybe 3 different kinds or went back & forth between two brands (but I would pretty much stick with one for a very lengthy time), but with CDs it's like you can have 20 or more different brands in your stash!!! Thats a little overwhelming seeing as I can be indecisive sometimes lol. I would love, love to find a brand or two that will work and not have to worry about investing in a ton of brands. Just stick with one or two & be happy, no worries or searching & trying them out. But idk you all know better then me lol. Perhaps having a lot of different brands are good : ) Just please let me know your thoughts, the advice & help is much appreciated!!

Comment by Jessica on June 21, 2012 at 1:10pm

has anyone used 'Kawaii" CDs from the website They seem to priced well, but I wonder if they hold up? Cheap isn't always the best route lol.

Comment by Jessica on June 20, 2012 at 2:26pm

Karyn-thank you for your help!


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