I know this is a touchy issue, but was wondering if anyone has any good resources for the effects of daycare on children.  I just started putting my 1 year old in daycare 2 days a week and am feeling very guilty even though I know I shouldn't!  I just want to be sure that I am doing the right thing.  I really need to work part time to make ends meet, but at the same time I want to understand what the impact is for my baby.

There is a whole lot of research out there on the effects of full time daycare but I can't seem to find anything about part time daycare.  The research seems to indicate that kids who are in daycare full time tend to be slightly more advanced in reading/math, but slightly more aggressive and less socially adjusted.  That seems weird.  Everyone always says, "oh you're kid is able to socialize with other kids in daycare...".  So then why does the research show just the opposite?  Is the research flawed?  What have you heard?  What do you believe?

Anyone who has gone through this and has any thoughts or advice to offer, I'd love to hear it!  Thanks!

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This same topic was my concern too..I think its a great discussion so thanks for starting....
I put my daughter at 19 months in to what we have in Australia - family day care where its in a carers house with max 5 children..its small and intimate and bec they are in a house its a familiar environment and usually get one on one attention as well as lots of great activities....still I was concerned -again the guilt of leaving her there - and not being there to control and do things the way I know she likes things done!! That whole surrender again!

And then recently we put her an extra day (same reason part time work committment) but we eased her in v gently..1/2 day to start and built up..I always stay for 10-15m before I leave her..give a breast feed make sure she is feeling safe and comfortable...that I think is v important to not rush away in a flurry..I see her day care lady who is lovely, as a part of our family, Auntie..this helps me alot bec ordinarily if I had Aunts and Grandma around I would be leaving her with them ..anyway I also think it depends on the child..some chn are more anxious, some more socially inept ..its guaging yr child and also when you pick them up sometimes they may be more clingy and needy so be prepared for that..
I always tell my daughter.."I see you later..mummy will come back later..have a lovely day"..she knows I will be coming back......
Its not easy because guilt is a v strong emotion as u know....and I think it does take time to get used to being away from little one when guilt arises...BUT the space and time we get as mums is GOOD FOR US...our family sructures are less supportive nowadays and sometimes we have to help oursleves too for sanity sake..
Not sure about studies..you may find they vary just as baby/childrens personalities vary..but I think be tuned in, follow yr childs cues too and let yourself feel whatever you are feeling without shame or judgement.....and re assure little one....as they also pick up on our emotions as u know!!
I do think that the social aspect can be good but also teaches them new things good and bad that they may never have encountered..you have to judge if the centre is right for you and yr child.....this is life!!!!
sending love
Thank you so much for the very thoughtful response...you have brought up some very good points. I am currently researching a better alternative to the current daycare he is in. The one he is in now is more of a commercial daycare center, and I have visited several in-home daycares that appeal to me much more. I plan on switching as soon as our monthly contract is up!

Thanks again!



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