Hi All,
I am pregnant with my first child and am also a nonprofit professional.  I know that I will need to return to work after my maternity leave is up (3 months) and I am already starting to look for ideas and resources to make the transition back to work. 

My goal is to continue to breastfeed as long as possible (maybe a year) and to avoid daycare as much as possible.  I'm lucky that my husband's work is seasonal and intermittent, so he will be able to provide some of the childcare.  Essentially, I want to provide the next best thing to me staying at home, since the latter is not an economic option. 

I am hoping to draw upon this group and it's wealth of knowledge for advice or experiences of working outside the home.   And, I guess I should mention, on a nonprofit worker's salary.  So a nanny is, of course, not an option : )

The second part of the question, is about people's actual experiences with their employers once they have a child.  I'm concerned that I won't be considered as seriously for opportunities and promotions if I cut my hours from 40 to 32/week and advocate for a flexible schedule--that they won't think I'm as dependable or committed any longer.

Again, any thoughts, experiences, comments or advice would be most welcome!

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I too was anti daycare atleast for the first couple of years, and I work at home but I really must get away from my little one (18 months) to really get any work done. I found a few high school aged babysitters who came from friends referrals and it is working out for me really well. It's a great mix because they literally do everything exactly how I tell them, I'm here the whole time, and my daughter feels secure and isn't sad cause I never leave....

Just a thought......



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