Hi, I'm due in less than 2 weeks.  I've been using the epi-no for 3 weeks now and have been stuck at 8cm for the last week.  I just cant seem to blow it up past that point.  Has anyone used the epi-no and gotten past 8cm?  All my aquaintances that have used it, had the exact same problem as me, stuck at 8.





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I got it to 9.5...  

you can try doing it twice a day to see if that helps....  you can also try closing your eyes, relaxing fully and if you feel the stretch become less intense during the 10 min stretch period, you can try giving it another little pump so that you maintain a strong stretch through the entire 10 minutes...

hope that helps!


thanks Kim.  I actually bought my unit from you.  I've been advertising it to all my peeps in my yoga and pilates classes.  So if anyone of them get pregnant in the future, they all know to contact you.


thanks again



Isabella - I would love to know if you were able to avoid tearing, and if you felt more confident going into labor having used Epi-no?



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