I know a lot of women who have pumped and froze breastmilk and then not needed to use it. They have ended up just dumping it down the drain. That got me to thinking, could you use breastmilk in any recipes? Breastmilk is obviously sweeter than cow's milk, so if you replaced it in normal cow's milk recipes would you need to cut back on any sugar that is called for? With my first child, I was making him some mini muffins one day and had run out of milk, so used some frozen EBM instead and it tasted fine; I'm wondering if anyone else has dabbled with this?

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I've never thought of doing this. What a great idea. I use EBM to thin homemade babyfood and cereal. I know some women that give it to milk banks where it is donated, mostly to premies. Check out this link if you are interested in donating your extra milk. http://www.hmbana.org/
I like the idea but haven't had the extra milk to try it. I experiment often in the kitchen and I'd say if it tastes good go with it, the possibilities are endless.
You could use frozen cubes of it to cool hot cereal like oatmeal, make a "popcicle" for teething, use it in a smoothie.
Adding to what Sara said about donating, there is also Milk Share http://milkshare.birthingforlife.com/ , I have had to look into these options lately since my low milk supply has caused weight loss and I am determined to continue with breast milk.



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