Hello. I just had my 2nd baby and the feeding is so painful when he first latches on. With my first son I had to use shields for the first few months and eventually got used to the pain. From what I understand, bfing shouldn't hurt at all. So is it normal to hurt upon first latch or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help veteran moms!

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It hurt with both of my girls when they first latched on. The sensation went away after about a minute or less. Have you tried contacting your local LLL?
First, breast shields are not designed to be used for more than a couple days. They should only be used with the supervision of a lactation consultant and even then they are intended for a very specific, short-term use (not for sore nipples).


The pain is caused by improper latch and/or suck. Your baby is going to have to relearn how to nurse properly without the shield. I highly suggest you get a lactation consultant's help. There are exercises that you can do with baby to ensure he/she has the correct suck. If your nipples are flat or inverted you can pump for a few minutes before offering the breast to make the nipples "come out". Have the lactation consultant check under the baby's tongue for tongue tie. This is when the baby has a very short frenulum. It can prevent the baby from being able to nurse properly.

Def. meet with a lactation consultant!!!
definitley shouldnt hurt for that long... LLL/lactation consultant definitley would be a good idea, also any idea if he is tongue tied? That could do it too if he can't get his tongue out far enough.

Make sure he opens WIDE and takes in enough aereola and the nipple. My son likes to "lazy latch" where he latches onto the nipple and sucks it back in farther. Not comfortable!! You may have to make your lil man relatch a number of times to get it better, a LC would help with that.
That sounds like mine! When I'm fully awake and sitting up I can make him open wide and latch better, but at night I'm lazier too. He tends to do the lazy latch. Thanks for the help!



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