Alright, I have a question. My DS is 11 months, breastfeeds every few hours during the day and a couple of times during the night, how much water should he be drinking? Does he need any? Currently I only offer a sippy cup of water at meal times unless the weather is really hot. He is in the 75th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height, so my thinking was that he could use the extra calories from breastmilk as opposed to water to quench his thirst. But I really don't know. My DH is always asking why I don't offer him more water and I do want DS to like drinking water for when he's older. Should he be getting more?

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Well breastmilk is 85% water so as far as him needing more water, the answer is he does not. You can give him water at mealtime or when he expresses a desire to have a drink. Usually my son takes a sip of water ever few bites and I offer him a sippy with water if we are out and about or in the sun. You don't have to worry about him not getting enough at this point b/c your breastmilk has plenty. He will accept a sip of water if he is thirsty, but there is no need to be overly concerned if he doesn't drink much water.
Just wanted to add that my son was 11 months last summer, and I also kind of wondered about this. I offered him water (besides meals) a couple of times a day. It gets really hot here, and also I wanted him to practice using a cup.
I didn't realize that breatmilk is 85% water! That is good to know.
Thanks for the posts Jennifer and Mandy. I also posted the question on the breastfeeding help forum for the lactation consultant and she pretty much said the same thing. We've just recently chucked the sippy cup (it started to smell funny despite frequent washings) and now DS is doing quite well with a cup. He's got the slurping down pat!



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