Hi everyone. My 8 month old boy has been teething (top teeth) and had a stuffy nose, which makes nursing a challenge. Frankly, it has been driving him crazy. Here is how I have tried to help: warm baths before bed, humidifiers, sitting him upright to nurse, breast milk in the nose, suction (never again!) Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Well I know you said you don't want to suction him but I always used saline drops, squirt a few drops in each nostril and suction them out. No my boys didn't like it, I basically had to have help holding their heads, but it always helped.
Little Noses! Its saline that you spray into the nostrils and it relieves the stuffiness. As much as it sucks (pun intended :) sucking the snot out after helps even more. I know you said you wouldn't do it again, I know they hate it, but until they can effectively blow their nose sometimes it's a necessary evil. Not only for feeding but getting the extra snot out reduces the chances of an infection (ear, sinus, respiratory etc...) Also Vicks rub (or peppermint or eucalyptus oil for more natural method) on your finger and held for a minute under baby's nose can help clear up congestion long enough to nurse.

My son hated having his nose sucked. When he was about 18 months he had a terribly stuffed nose. He actually brought me his nose sucker, told me he had too much snot and to "fix it." I had quite a laugh out of it! Hope your son feels better soon.



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