The funniest or cutest way your child has nursed?

I thought of this because my daughter who will be 13 months old next week nursed so funny just now. She sat next to me, turned her head and nursed while sitting. And then she sat on me, facing me and nursed that way. And she had her arms around me like she was hugging me the whole time both ways. And she caresses my stomach while she Normally we do the cradle hold, but she is getting pretty big for that.

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So cute! I wonder if it's the oxytocin released when they nurse, because they seem to soften into such sweetness, no matter what was happening immediately prior to a nursing session, don't they? Our funniest way: Both my son and my first daughter used to do "down-ward dog" nursing. My favorite position is side-lying on the bed, and they'd get squirmy, and wiggly and then pop their butts in the air, still latched on, with their legs straight! It always cracked me up! And on a side note, it is so fun to have a place to share this!
Yes my DD does the whole bum in the air while latched on thing.... her other favourites include: me sitting on the sofa and her standing next to me feeding, me trying to dry my hair in the morning for work and her feeding stood by my legs and even once I was sitting on the floor leaning on the sofa and she came over the top and did it upside down!!
I reckon we'd be gold medalists in the London 2012 Olympics if they had an 'Extreme Breast feeding' category!! lol
My son does that, too. The funniest way he's nurse...hmm...He likes to lay in my lap to nurse (much like a newborn) but he'll kick me in the face or rub my face with his feet. I find that pretty amusing. Or he sometimes blows raspberries in between nursing...he's such a goof!
My son's feet go EVERYWHERE when he's nursing! So funny! On my face, in my armpit, on my stomach, if we're in his room he'll stretch as far as he can and try to reach his change table, or sometimes he just does circles in the air with his foot. At times I can hardly contain myself it's so funny! How old is your son? Mine's 10 months.
My son crawls all over me and is getting pretty upset when I cover up, especially after he wakes up. He just wants access for as long as he likes, even if he's just playing around. When he's done, he crawls away, but I better not "close up shop" before he's ready!
It is funny about the bottom in the air thing, Kevin started doing that as an infant and still does. Only now his latch is even stronger and it pulls a little more! I can't really remember the supercute things he did as a little baby, but now what is funny to me is when he nurses for like 30 seconds, then un-latches and tickles my nipple, complete with a sound effect: "tickle tickle tickle". :)
One of my favorite things when my son, Chase, is nursing is when my husband tries to make him laugh! Chase (who's almost 11 months) tries so hard not to smile, because if he smiles too big, he unlatches, of course. But my husband always wins and Chase ends up laughing with a mouthful of milk and then as soon as he's able to contain himself, latches back on. By then the 3 of us usually have a serious case of the giggles!
Another funny way is when we're waking up in the morning and Chase is crawling all over the bed like a wild animal and my husband will ask him, "Do you want to nurse?" Usually I'm still lying on my back, so Chase crawls up to me and assumes the "little piggy" position, as we like to call it; he really does remind me of a piglet nursing! The only thing with this position is that he hasn't quite figured out how he can rest his head and nurse at the same time, so the session tends to be a bit quick.
Thanks for sharing these stories and for starting this discussion, they're all pretty funny!
Great topic. My 6 month old son. Once, in the shower he was in a sling, and just faceplanted into a latch and nursed while I shampooed my hair. Second one, lying in bed, he was on all fours, practicing crawling, and lunged into a latch. Both very cute!



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