When I deliverd my baby I didn't know of the existence of a postpartum doula. Do you know what she can do for you? Maybe a postpartum doula who reads this can answer this question. And maybe you have experience with one. Shoot;-)

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Hi Gea - I think this is a great question for the main discussion section, as well as the other you posted. Would you mind reposting there and I will feature on the home page?

Hi Amy,

I just added one discussion to the main page. I hope I did it right? I am still learning ;-)

As a Maternity Practitioner, I learned that my clients had questions during their postpartum period regarding any unknown marks on baby's skin or what skin care products to use, best diapers to use, uncircumcised care, lactation support, sibling integration and so on. As a result , I created Mommy & Newborn Holistic In-Home Assessment to answer these questions and recommend natural options. I believe a Postpartum Doula would do similar work...to ensure that moms' questions or concerns are appropriately addressed.

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