What practical suggestion/solution helped you a lot in the first days after delivery?

There are a lot of things going on in those first days after delivery. You are recovering from an olympic performance, your baby has to start up, you have to get used to each other and so on.... What practical suggestion / solution can you recommend to other mom's that helped you a lot in those first days? Share you tricks of the mom trade.

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One very helpful suggestion from my postpartum doula was to flush your vagina with lukewarm water while you are urinating. It sounds kind of silly, but it surely helps relieve the pain from the sutures while you are going to the restroom. Urinating while you are in the shower is another way to do it.

My midwife recommends that each new mom lie flat on her back for the first 3 days postpartum. Keep the baby in bed with you and just stay in bed and bond with the baby. The idea is that it will help your body form a really good scab over the area where the placenta detached from the uterus, and will help diminish the postpartum bleeding. It also helps a lot with breastfeeding and bonding.
I know as well that sound really weird. But for me as well, it was a really good advise. I used this method for at lease two weeks and I gave me a feeling of being clean.



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