Have some issues or concerns with home birth? 

My fiance, Eric Walker, has just written a fantastic post on my blog about his journey through our home birth. He has shared his experience for you, dads, who may be on the fence about home birth or are looking for some community.

His story begins at the beginning...staring at the many unknowns of a first pregnancy. 

We  eventually made the unanimous decision to birth at home, and in this post he advises hiring professionals and inviting in support, as well as protecting me from naysayer's negativity. And finally, to the big birth day itself. He reflects on how our lives changed afterward. 

Here is a snippet: 

"My home birth experience completely changed the way I perceive birth. 

I knew coming into our birth that drugs were bad, natural was good. And my grandpa always said that whenever he went into a hospital he came out ten times worse. But I had no idea that birthing at home was actually an option.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I trusted Katie’s instincts, and let go of my fears.

I quickly learned to turn off the little voice that warned if something catastrophic were to happen that it’d be me who was to look like the irresponsible family protector.

So I backed up my faith in Katie’s instincts with solid information. We intensely studied home birth for five months. We read books, stories, attended classes, lectures and spoke with real people.

This is a dad’s way of backing up emotion with logic."

Are you a home birth dad or thinking about having a home birth? Leave a comment!

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