There are many reasons why you might want to become a nurse midwife...please post your thoughts here.

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I decided that I wanted to be a nurse midwife when I realized how backwards, unsafe, and unfair our maternity system can be. I have a fascination with women's health and I want to help women to bring new life into the world, and know that she is capable of doing it! I also want to be able to help women make informed decisions about their bodies and healthcare as well as help them stay safe and healthy across the lifespan. By the way- we need some more members!
This is actually my top choices of schools for my masters degree. I am currently in a BSN program and will be graduating in Oct of 2011. I am a DONA certified birth doula, working on becoming a ICEA childbirth instructor as well as becoming trained in placenta encapsulation. After I finish those two certifications I would like to become a breastfeeding counselor and get certified in hypnobirthing, but we will see how much time nursing school continues to take up of my "free" time.

My kind of lady!  In a totally platonic way, of course.  ;)


Personally, I had a revelation about birth when my best girlfriend gave birth to her first daughter; she had an absolutely horrific birthing experience - and I began to research the truth about the birthing experiences of women. I knew then that I had to be involved with birth, however, I didn't want to shuffle along in cattle-fold of obstetrics; I wanted a more "revolutionary" road - one that actually focused on natural, healthy, pro-woman birth.

As far as the nursing portion; it took me about a year to decide upon going the CNM (rather than CPM) route. The legislation for midwives is difficult enough; and I wanted a greater opportunity to provide services for women, especially with regards to opening my own home business. The nurse-midwifery route provided me with that access.
I have been interested in pregnancy and childbirth for a long time, and I was first introduced to midwifery about 6 years ago when I stopped by a booth for a traditional midwifery school on my college campus - that is also when I learned what a doula was! I love the midwifery model and would love to support women through their childbearing years and beyond.
Because I really believe the quote "Be the change you wish to see in the world".  I can't sit and gripe and whine about how backward things are without taking action!  I've been an RN for 9 years and considered midwifery since the very beginning.  One hospital birth, one freestanding birthing home birth, and one home birth later, my views of childbirth were completely changed.  My midwives really touched my life, and I keep saying that if I can do for just one women what those wonderful women did for me, then I'll be the happiest girl in the world!!



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