Hi all, I'm working on having my first homebirth (my last was at a freestanding birthing center). I had my due date calculated as the 11th, but my original OB put it at the 16th and then put it at the 13th. We decided to just keep the 16th as it would allow me to go the most overdue. Anyhow...I'm now overdue. I was right on time with my first. I'm excited about my homebirth and starting to get impatient to meet my little man. So, my question is...any fun ways to "naturally" get things going? I know nothing will really happen till I'm ready, but I was thinking if I had some fun things to try it might help distract me a little. Any suggestions are welcome...including any fun "labor foods" that I can find in LA. I know about the "labor salad" at Caioti Pizza Cafe...but I'd love to hear about any others! Thanks in advance!

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Yeah, I've been trying to go out with my sisters as much as possible, going to the movies, getting pedi's etc. As much as I can with a toddler. But now that it's midweek I'm having a harder time being distracted! :) But no castor oil for me...I'm looking for "fun" ways to naturally induce, and castor oil does not fall into that category! lol.
My cousin used castor oil and it worked like a charm.
Just stay relaxed and enjoy these final days of your pregnancy!
Castor oil is the one thing I refuse to try. I don't need more discomfort added to my labor! :) But thanks for the suggestion! It's hard to enjoy the last few days as I'm insanely uncomfortable. I didn't mind the end of my pregnancy with #1 but I'm so much more uncomfortable this time around. Plus I'm running after a 22 month old. Not that that'll be easier when I also have to deal with a newborn! I'm only slightly impatient for him to come. I know he's going to come out in the next couple weeks, he has to!
Sex is great, and fun ;) The semen has prostaglandins in it, which helps ripen the cervix. Nipple stimulation and sexual activity also help the body produce natural oxytocin to get contractions going. Evening Primrose Oil can be taken orally, and is supposed to help get labor going. The label warns not to take if you are pregnant because it can trigger contractions, and it also has a nice effect of stabilizing hormonal balance and keeping you in a good mood. Let's see... there are essential oils that are supposed to help, and I think lemon is one of them but I can't remember specifically which other oils are helpful to get labor going. You might want to do some research on that. Of course, walking and staying active helps too. That's all I can think of for now. I'll post more if I remember more.
Thanks! My husband and I have been giving the sex a try (my husband has been more than willing) but nothing so far. :) I forgot about EPO, I'll have to go get some. It'll be good afterward, too. It always helps my skin.
My water actually broke at 37 weeks, so I was surprised by that. But I did not go into active labor until my midwife gave me black and blue cohosh (14 hours after my water broke) and she had my husband rub some essential oils on my belly and my calves. I'm not sure what actually started the labor, but it worked in about 30 minutes. The midwife and doula came in the room after leaving me and my husband alone to rub the oil on and said "ok no more oil!" because labor came on so strong after that. We had our little girl with us 4 hours later. I was really expecting to have to wait the 41 weeks because everyone said that would happen with the first baby. While pregnant though I walked at least a mile everyday even on the day before she was born. You could get your little one in the stroller and walk walk walk that baby out. I hope it happens soon for you.



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